Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wow...You Look Great!

Oh my GOD, you guys! So, like, remember when Mame and I had a blog that we used to post to and stuff? We do too! And we miss it! Every time we talk on the phone (which is kind of a lot), we talk about how we have to blog. And then...we don't. But we have Plans. With a capital "P," even. We'll think of something. But for now, some random thoughts/experiences I've had recently. Because why even HAVE a blog if not to foist your useless whatevers upon the world!

  • The Transformers movie sucked. I was all psyched to get it from Netflix, and I turned it off halfway through. Bummer. I'm currently watching Live Free or Die Hard and it's much more promising. What can I say? I'm a girl who likes when (fictional) shit blows up!
  • I'm currently reading The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman in preparation for the movie to come out on Friday. I, um, bought the book MONTHS ago and am just NOW forcing myself to read it. YOU GUYS. It's really boring! And the main character is kind of an asshole! Yes, I just called a fictional child an asshole. Live with it. This is a children's book! I can't imagine ACTUAL CHILDREN reading this. It's starting to pick up a little, but ugh. It's no The Lord of the Rings. And until book 2, The Lord of the Rings wasn't The Lord of the Rings for me. So, I'm trying to give it a fair shot, but blech. But I'll finish the damn thing. And then read the second book, The Subtle Knife, because I short-sightedly bought it at a used book store. And I WON'T be dissuaded, EGT, don't even!
  • I'm kind of in love with the following tv shows: Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies and How I Met Your Mother. OH MY GOD. In addition to my usual addictions to Supernatural and The Office. I'm not feeling Friday Night Lights as much this season. And I'm not alone in that. I'm still watching, but I'm not ADORING it, you know?
  • ALSO. Everyone must start watching Top Gear on BBC America. I know, I know, you're saying to yourself, "But Bea! I don't LIKE cars or car-related shows!" I KNOW! Me either! You don't HAVE to! The promos for the show say it all: "You don't have to love cars to love Top Gear. You just have to love fun!" I nod along sagely every time I see one of those previews. I'm so lame. It also helps if you love bitchy British guys.
  • So, remember when I posted about how clumsy I am? Yeah, so about that. The day after Thanksgiving, I fell down the steps at a THEATRE where my mom and I had taken my niece to see Peter Pan. It was really, really embarrassing. Heh. Then the other night? I FELL OUT OF BED. And then the next day? I spilled my ENTIRE CUP OF COFFEE ON THE FLOOR OF MY OFFICE. So not only did I have an unholy mess to deal with, I HAD NO CAFFEINE. WHY. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Ahem. Sorry.
  • Also, I hate my cell phone.


Dolly said...

Hey Bea..

Just an opinion from mid-America: The Golden Compass, from all accounts that I have read/heard, sucks! I seriously can't bring myself to read ANY book about how God dies in book 2 (or is it 3?). You will just have to tell me about it. I have much prejudice as far as it is concerned. However, I am all for informative opinions and one should never have an opinion so strong unless one has read all the facts. (My #1 pet peeve about all those Harry Potter haters! Have they even READ one of the books? My fav thing to say to someone who says that it is about devil worship is "Really? What part made you think that? Because I feel differently." Hehehe, I can debate Harry all the livelong day!) But, I digress, I am aware that I am going against my own rules here, so I will rely on you...

(I was kinda happy that you have already referred to the main character as an asshole, though!)


Why do you hate your cell phone??

EGT said...

First of all, when you read Philip Pullman, you only hurt yourself. Go ahead, keep reading his books. It's YOUR soul that's dying inside from the boredom.