Friday, July 27, 2007

50 Questions about Mame or Why I Am Easily Led and Will Probably End Up In a Damn Cult or Something

First, Mame and I are still accepting challenges for blog topics! EGT, I'm totally ruminating on your Doctor Who entry. I got to thinking about power dynamics in the series and now I'm all over the place! I was just going to talk about The Pretty! And Evil Stepmother? BRING IT LADY! Hee. And now for something completely different...

Ok, just for symmetry:

1) What's their name? She's goes by Auntie Mame after one of her favorite play/movies. We're very literary and klassy, you know.

2) Does he or she have a boyfriend/girlfriend? She's MARRIED. To a MAN. Who actually is pretty awesome. If she had to marry anyone, he's the one. I'm sure they're thrilled to have my approval. Heh.

3) How old is the person? We are OLD, yo.

4) Has he/she ever cooked for you? She's totally made me Stouffer's french bread pizza. Remember that summer where that was pretty much ALL we ate? The rooves of our mouths were permanantly scarred, I think!

5) Is this person older than you? Eight months younger than I.

6) When was the last time you talked to this person? I received a text like, 15 minutes ago, demanding that I check my email. And here I am.

7) When was the last time you thought about them? Obviously, thinking about her now!

8) Are you related to this person? Could they cram THAT much dysfunction into ONE family? I hope not!

9) Do you have pictures of this person on your Myspace? That I do! But she totally doesn't have one of me. That was a lie.

10) Do you think they will repost this? No, 'cause that would be silly.

11) Could you live with this person? Sure, but her husband might get jealous/annoyed. Heh.

12) Why is this person your BFF? Because she makes me laugh harder than anyone ever has, she knows me really well and still likes me, because we can spazz at each other and be fine two minutes later and even hundreds of miles apart, she knows what I'm thinking.

13) Have you seen this person cry? Sure.

14) Have you ever been to the mall with this person? Dude. We're from freakin' Jersey. Didn't we used to LIVE at the mall?

15) Have you ever had a sleepover with this person? Many, many times.

16) If you ever moved away, would you miss this person? YES! I miss her all the time!

17) Have you ever given this person something? Of course! I just sent her a Fruit Smoothie car freshener so she can get high off of it.

18) Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person? Heh, everything we do is stupid. Illegal, hmmm...probably not. I'm a rule-follower. Is plotting to marry hot, famous people illegal?

19) Do you know everything about this person? I'm sure I don't. Like Walt, she contains multitudes. But I know a lot.

20) Does this person have you listed as their BFF? Yes. I'll have it listed on my tombstone. YOU HAPPY?!

21) Have you and your BFF fought before? Yes, I don't like to think about it, actually.

22) Is your BFF on drugs? Yes, I'm usually on speakerphone while she's having her trials and tribulations with the bitches at her local CVS.

23) Have you and your top person kissed? No. And we're not going to. Sorry! I'll hug you, though!

24) Has this person ever seen you dance? Yes. She's been witness to my many dances.

25) Have you ever heard this person sing? Of course! She and her husband serenade me, frequently. It rules.

26) Do you and this person have a saying? Too many to name! (GOD, She always WINS! Stop picking it UP!)

27) Do you know this person's Myspace password? No, but I could probably guess it, it I wanted to, which I don't.

28) Do you know this person's siblings? Yes! Dolly rules! We three spent a very entertaining evening going through her parents attic. It was like I Love the 80s come to life! Sadly, without Michael Ian Black.

29) Have you and this person ever gotten into a fight that lasted? Yes. See question #28.

30) Does this person have a dog? No, cats that crack me up.

31) Have you and this person went clubbing? Um, no. We make our own fun. And LOTS of it.

32) Do you know how to make this person feel happy? Yes, it's easy; if I'm just as ridiculous as possible, she'll cheer up.

33) Do you and this person talk a lot? Constantly! Do we ever have a thought that we don't verbalize/text/email/IM to each other?

34) Have you licked this person? It's...possible. We've had some odd methods of retaliation. I know I've licked food so she couldn't have it. Didn't stop her, though.

35) Has this person yelled at you? When AREN'T we yelling?

36) Have you and this person got into a fist fight? No, but she KNOCKED ME DOWN IN A VIDEO STORE.

37) Do you like this person? I love her more than my laptop!

38) What would their name be if s/he married their favorite star? It would totally be Auntie Mame Travolta. This has been going on since high school. She will not be dissuaded. Though, if anyone could get him out of this whole Scientology thing, it's Mame. SAVE HIM!!! FREE THE TRAVOLTA!!11!!

39) Where was the last restaurant or fast food place you ate out at together? NO! It was from WENDY'S. We went out and got crappy fast food so Beau could be alone to read his book, free of our babbling for ten damn minutes! And also, we went to the Sev.

40) If your BFF were a vehicle, what would they be? I don't know cars. Something reliable, but flashy. With a really good stereo system. But stubborn. It might stall out on you if you were insolent.

41) What was the last argument you had? Heh, luckily, we don't really fight seriously anymore, but we squabble constantly. The last was probably over my stubborn refusal to watch something that she wanted me to watch.

42) What do you want to be different in your BFF's life by this time next year? She and Beau and Glowbug would move closer!

43) What is your favorite thing about your BFF? Of the many things, how she almost always understands me.

44) What is probably under your BFF's bed? Heh, socks, probably one of the cats and possibly Glowbug.

45)What CD is in their car stereo right now? The Rent soundtrack and also, Veggie Tales! Heh.

46)If they could be any animal, what would they be? I dunno, a bitchy cat or something. I'm not good at these questions.

47) What was the longest you've ever gone without talking? It was a long fucking time.

48) Describe your BFF in one word: Kind

49) If your BFF won $10,000 today, what would they spend it on? Bling. DUH.

50) Watch the movie or read the book? It depends on the story. Bitch STILL hasn't finished the Harry Potter series! I KNOW! Please, everyone, yell at her.

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