Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things That Are Awesome!

Ok. I'm not cool. I'm a giant dork, ok? I mean, I'm a My Chemical Romance fan, for God's sake. A big one. But whatever. Here's some stuff that I think is pretty cool:

  1. These two ladies: Sarah Haskins and Kristen Schaal. Seriously, these women are HILARIOUS. Mame and I might have girl crushes on both of them. Sarah Haskins does these analyses on commercials directed at women that are both hysterically funny and cringe-inducing. My personal favorites are the ones on wedding shows ("She's TOO FAT to get married!") and cooking ("I should have married my college boyfriend!") Oh, the one on yogurt is pretty funny too. Kristen Schaal is a contributor to The Daily Show, where she is adorable and funny, but Mame and I know her better as Bret's stalker, Mel on Flight of the Conchords. (Oh my GOD, when is that show coming back? WHEN?) We love her.
  2. The Dark Knight. I can't believe it, but it's every bit worth the hype. I'll write a proper review later! I'm sure you're all holding your breath for it! Heh.
  3. The previews before The Dark Knight! DUDE. The preview for Watchmen! I can't WAIT. 2009?!??! BITCHES. Also, the preview for Twilight* looks SO HILARIOUSLY BAD. I can't WAIT. My mom and I had this to say after viewing it:
Me: Wow. That looks SO cheesy and bad!
Mom: I know!
Me: It's gonna suck!
Mom: Yeah, it really is.
Me: I can't wait!
Mom: Me neither!

  1. The bands The Hush Sound and This Is Ivy League.
  2. The original cover copy of Gates of Paradise by V.C. Andrews that Mame sent me as a belated birthday gift. The book itself is not good. I mean, more not good than usual. It's a shame that the Casteel series took such a downward turn at the end. The first two books are awesome. Both Annie and Leigh need to shut up NOW. Whiny bitches.
*I have read and enjoyed all three Twilight novels. Um. They're not what you'd call...literature. Or even good. Stephenie Meyer is NO JK Rowling. But they are entertaining. I routinely want to slap the main character, Bella upside her head. And I don't think Edward, her vampire not-lover is all that awesome either. I think everyone I know should read them and then we will all go see the movie together at some matinee that will NOT be full of 13-year old fangirls and we will all make hearty fun of it. Who's in?

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