Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Phase I - The Beginning

The first phase of our move has gone well. On Friday, July 25 Glow Bug, Agnes, and I loaded up our cars and headed out for West Virginia. Agnes in her car created played show tunes and sang loudly; Glow Bug and I wore headphones and listened to Veggie Tales and Raw Dog comedy, respectively.

My in laws' house (from here on known to all as Duke and Dame) is large and so peaceful. It is located on a lot of land and surrounded by a lake (I call it a 'moat'), so there is a lot of space for Glow Bug to run and play rather than sit in front of the TV. Dame's mother, the Lady, also lives here in her own space and has been watching Glow Bug during the day while Agnes and I drive around trying to find jobs.

Finding the jobs has, of course, been the hard part. My teaching license will transfer to West Virginia, but only after some paperwork, running around the state, calling North Carolina half a dozen times, and paying what seems to be, a lot of money.

It's a crazy long process, but I'm crazy and am used to waiting, so I'll make do. In the meantime, I am also looking in the good ole newspaper just in case. Agnes has become my personal assistant: riding in the car with me, helping me stuff envelopes, etc.

It's been a good move so far. Well, there is ONE bad side, but it is a major downside: there is no comedy central here. The only channel that I watch all the time, and it's gone. I may go crazy in a couple of more days.

Stay tuned.


Two of Hearts said...

NO COMEDY CENTRAL? It's like purgatory!

I think you can view a lot of the stuff from their website though.

Good luck with that. My heart goes out to you.

"Lady" Bea said...

SERIOUSLY. CALL THE CABLE COMPANY. GET A SATELLITE. OFFER SEXUAL FAVORS. I am NOT dealing with you without Comedy Central, long-term. NO WAY.

Two of Hearts said...

PLEASE tell me you at LEAST get the Food Network. Otherwise you will have to move back to NC.