Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I need to get this off my chest...no it's not my bra...

I'm so annoyed, that I'm sick to my stomach. Ugh.

As Bea told you all, we are in the process of moving. It has been a ridiculous stresser and brings me to tears literally everyday. I have spent six years building a home only to have to pack up more than half of it and still try to live. Every day I clean my house like it's a hotel, and then sit and wait for someone to come by and want a look-see. I've been living like this for a little over two weeks and we've shown the house twice so far. The comments from the agents that showed the house were, "Well, it's getting there: there's still some de-cluttering and cleaning to be done." You know what, fuck you. I have a two year old, and am doing this alone. Beau is already in West Virginia and comes home when he can (usually on the weekends), so I'm just giving this a go alone. Of course a house across the street that has the exact same floor plan as ours just went up for sale, about $6,000 less that what we're trying to sell for. Of course what buyers don't know is that someone killed themselves in that house and the now owner just wants out of it. They are selling for barely tax value. We're screwed.

Shortly I'll be packing up little Glow Bug and moving to Beau's parents' house where we will stay until this house sells. We'll be there for months. I'm trying to be OK with that; reminding myself that trees that don't bend in the wind will break. I think I am going to look at this move as a clean slate. We'll live with Beau's parents and little Glow Bug will be so happy (he loves it there), we'll save money, we won't have to rush, so we'll be able to find the perfect house. The good thing is that Beau and I will be together again; Glow Bug isn't adapting well to his absence. I'm thinking of trying a new career; letting the youth of America be without me for awhile. If I fail miserably I can go back to education. It's exciting. The biggest draw back is that we can't take our two darling cats with us to the parents' house. Big Beau just had open heart surgery and Old Lady Gran tends to fall and break things like bones, so it was asked that we don't bring our kitties until we have a place of our own. Luckily our neighbor here has offered to foster them until that happens; however, I'm going to really miss the late night back massages from Sidda Lee kneading my back, tripping out the front door in the morning as Bucky runs ahead of me to do his morning cricket chases, and of course I'm going to really miss watching Glow Bug sleep snuggled next to Bucky - we call them Calvin and Hobbes.


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EGT said...

Real estate is hell. You have my utmost condolences. I will keep my fingers crossed that the house sells soon.