Friday, June 6, 2008

Any New "Who" Readers of This Blog?

I think there are maybe...two of you?


I adore her.

The End.


Two of Hearts said...

You know, I have to admit that she has really grown on me. I hated her in her first episode (one of the Christmas specials) so when I saw she was the new companion I cringed. Love her now though, she's so sassy! And way better than Doe-Eyed Martha Jones.

EGT said...

What provoked this?

"Lady" Bea said...

Her awesomeness in Friday night's episode provoked this, of course. And oh, Two of Hearts, yay! Another Martha-hater to join me and EGT!

Donna rules.

Two of Hearts said...

Which episode are you referring to? We download them right after they air on the BBC, so I'm not sure if you're doing that or watching them on SciFi (which is only about two or three weeks behind this season, instead of months, so yay for SciFi!)

Because the episode in the library is going to pull your heartstrings. Which, if you're me, means cry like a whiddle girl during the second half.

"Lady" Bea said...

I watch them on the Sci-Fi channel. So, I just saw "The Doctor's Daughter." Where Donna was awesome and Martha was annoying. Oh, wait. That's EVERY episode, SORRY.

And yay! I love when David Tennant makes me weep like a little girl! Your thoughts on that one, EGT?

Two of Hearts said...

I could just weep over the sheer fineness of David Tennant, personally. Way better than all the doctors from the old shows, it was like a big Ugly Parade (yeah, I'm talking to you, Tom Baker.

"Lady" Bea said...

Yes, David Tennant is lovely, isn't he. But actually, the Doctor of my heart is Nine, Christopher Eccleston. So HOT and INTENSE and SUFFERING. Talk about your Oncoming Storm, you know?

Aw, why you gotta hate on Four? He wasn't hot, it's true. But HILARIOUS. And I love his stupid scarf and his stupider hair!

EGT said...

I do believe David Tennant will make you cry in the library episode. But he will especially make you cry tonight. WITH LAUGHTER. Squeeeeeee! Favorite ep of the season, coming right up!

(Also, it's true, his fineness makes me cry, because I spend a lot of time weeping over how I'm not dating him. Right, Bea?)