Friday, June 6, 2008

Book Review and Summer Reading Challenge Updates!

(For those who care.)

So, sorry guys. I totally failed on reading Danielle Steel's The Ring. It was SO FUCKING BORING. And I refuse to put that much energy into forcing myself to read a trashy, poorly-written romance novel. So, no detailed book review on that one. Just this: it sucks. People have "lavender" eyes. Um. If I every run across a person with lavender eyes? I'm running the other fucking way.

But! I have procured the first four Avonlea books. Bite me, Mame, that's what I'm calling them. So, I should have the first one reread pretty soon. Also, after perusing the back cover of the second one, I think I've read that one, too. Yay!


EGT said...

No one should ever read Danielle Steel. People should read ME instead!

"Lady" Bea said...

Ugh, that is very true. And I promise, when your stuff gets published, there will be reviews here. And also, me harassing people in Barnes and Noble with your books.