Sunday, January 21, 2007

Boredom on the Internets

Babies, the Internets are boring tonight! There's nothing going on and I'm waiting for the new episode of Battlestar Galactica. Yeah, I know, I'm a geek. So, in chat with Auntie Mame, I ask her: List 10 Fictional Characters that You Would Sleep With (Or in case any family members or those easily offended are reading: 10 Fictional Characters that You Would Have a Polite Chat About Philosophy and Politics While Totally, Fully Clothed.). There was much debate. Some consider it annoying when people post IM Chat conversations in their blog, but I think it's amusing. So, here goes:

Bea: List 10 fictional characters you would have sex with. [Note how Mame doesn't question why I would ask that. Such non sequiters are pretty much par for the course around here.]
Mame: Hmmm. Zeus.
Bea: Wow, ok.
Mame: 'Cause he did it with everybody!
Bea: His wife'll kill you though!
Mame: I'll just tell her I thought he was a swan.
Bea: Yeah, THAT'LL work!
Mame: Which Musketeer was it that I liked...Kiefer Sutherland played him in the movie...[Editor's note: Athos]
Bea: 1. Jim Halpert [from The Office] 2. The Ninth Doctor [Doctor Who] 3. The Tenth Doctor [See above: Geek] 4. Dr. Cox [from Scrubs] 5. Horatio (he needs someone to soothe his tortured soul!)
Bea: 6. Mr. Darcy [from Pride and Prejudice] 7. Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing
Mame: 1. Zeus 2. Jim Halpert 3. Dr. Cox, 4. J.D.
Mame: Wait. Horatio as in Horatio Hornblower?
Bea: No. As in Horatio from Hamlet
Mame: Ahh...
Bea: I would NOT fuck Hamlet. EVER.
Mame: Well, duh.
Bea: You know who WOULD. [Editor's note: Here I was referring to an teacher of ours who was very fond of Hamlet.]
Mame: Natty Bumpo.
Bea: 8. Kyle Reese [from The Terminator]
Mame: He's my #5.
Bea: I understood. Natty wouldn't fuck Hamlet either.
Mame: No, Natty is my #5, idiot
Mame: Ok, back to the list...
Bea: GOD
Bea: Bitch
Mame: 6. Casanova (just to see what the hype was about)
Bea: Ooooooh...David Tennant played Casanova
Bea: I need two more
Mame: I need three more
Bea: 9. Paul Atreides
Mame: I was totally thinking Paul Atreides!!!
Bea: Hehehehe
Mame: Weird!!! I just said that to [Husband of Mame]! DUDE!
Bea: I'm totally posting this on our blog
Bea: 10. Josh Lyman from "The West Wing"
Bea: Done!
Mame: Ok, I need two more
Bea: I'm a bigger fictional characters whore! Heheheheh
Mame: 9. Legolas
Bea: DAMN! I forgot The Lord of the Rings!!
Mame: AHAHA!!
Bea: But now I don't know who I would bump for Aragorn. Hmm...
Mame: Hehehe
Bea: And also, Aragorn wouldn't. He's all monogamous and shit.
Mame: That's why I chose Legolas!
Bea: Gotcha.
Mame: 10. Wayne Malloy
Bea: ?
Mame: Eddie Izzard's character on "The Riches"
Bea: Ah.


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If you want me to faithfully read your blogs, I will constantly require a whore tag.

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