Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Night TV...WOOO!

A brief conversation between my and my brother, BW:

BW: Dude. You aren't watching The Vampire Diaries, are you?
Me: Yes! HAHAHA! I hope it's terrible!
BW: Yeah, I think you'll get your wish...

(So far, it's pretty bad and bearing almost NO resemblance to the books. Bah. Blatant Twilight rip-off, which is just...sad. And I think I despise the girl playing Elena.)

Also, tonight is the season premiere of Supernatural! I stumbled over this Open Letter to Eric Kripke last night and...OH MY GOD, DO I AGREE. Seriously, Supernatural writers, try to be less douchy. I love your show but I'm tired of feeling guilty about it because of the consistent racism and misogyny. Enough already. I know you all aren't stupid and you really can't pretend that you don't KNOW that you're doing it. And even if you weren't aware, more discerning fans have been pointing it out for years. STOP. REALLY. I'd like my eye candy and my horror homages and my dark plot twists to be less RAGE-INDUCING. Thanks!

Also, how much am I going to go see Fame? HA. SO MUCH. I absolutely adore a good peforming arts high school drama! I even rented that one with Hillary Duff...which lasted about 10 minutes because it was TERRIBLE. And Center Stage is one of my favorite movies! HA.


Dr. Fabulous said...

*shamefully hanging head* (i own the hillary duff one and happen to love it) ... But yeah, SO going to see Fame too!! What'd you think of Glee? I haven't watched it yet - had a bizarre need to do a Mighty Ducks marathon this week. *hangs head in shame again*

"Lady" Bea said...

HA! Hey, no shame here! I like My Chemical Romance and have watched that Jonas brothers show on the Disney channel ON PURPOSE. So, you know, whatever.

I love "Glee!"

Auntie Mame said... guys are such dorks!!

TTYL...I'm off to dust my collection of John Travolta memorabila then alphabetize my MST3K movies while listening to my Air Supply/Journey/Meat Loaf/Chicago mix.

Sorsha Ni said...

OMG! Vampire Diaries was a laugh a minute! SparBa and I made so much fun and snickered often. What a good time. Might keep it for a few more episodes just to bond with SparBa...will be our Sunday night thing now. LOL

I've talked to people who watched Glee and only liked the pilot, hated the first episode. Apparently, they are not really alike.