Thursday, September 10, 2009


Robert Frost once said, "In three words I can sum up what I've learned about life: it goes on." Well I've got a little something to say to you, Mr. Robert-two-roads-diverged-gold-can't-stay-Frost: no it doesn't.

It's been 15 months now: fifteen months and not a damn thing in my life has changed except my patience with it. I'm still living with my in-laws in a one-room loft over their three car garage. I'm still having to put my makeup on in my car because of the un-Godly amount of traffic I encounter at 7 in the morning. My grandmother is still sick and frequenting the hospital without getting much better because of it.

I got all excited awhile ago because we found a great house and the owners accepted our low-ball offer. Just before my eyes could barely view the glimmer of silver lining, Beau and I were turned down for a mortgage: twice. Because of my insane up-bringing and readiness to take on unbelievable amounts of bullshit, we were not swayed and therefore applied to another institution. The representative was all nice and said, "We usually hear back in around 24 hours." Really? Do you? Because that was 72 hours ago, and all we've heard was you telling us that you haven't heard anything. If they turn us down I'm going to sue them to pay for all the stool softeners I've been taking because I'm so backed up with worry. Maybe that was TMI, whatever, get over it, I have a lot of stress, I have no poo, therefore I have no internal filter.

I read "The Secret" and they say that if you focus all your energies on something than nothing is impossible. Like being positive and saying (or writing on your blog), "OUR MORTGAGE WILL GET APPROVED!!" I've even written "Mortgage Application: Approved" down, and I chant it to myself over and over. Still nothing except for a grumbling in my stomach and a neck so stiff you could play racquetball off it.

In a violent act of defiance against the beloved 80's 'sitcom' my life hasn't gone on.

*Wow, this ended up not being what the titled foreshadowed at all. Huh.


"Lady" Bea said...

Sweetie, you never have an internal filter, even when you are pooping regularly.

You know we're all keeping good thoughts for you over here! XO

EGT said...

I am seriously pulling for you, for selfish reasons. I've been trying to sell my condo for 32 months now without success. When you sold your house, I was very hopeful, and then, shortly afterward, I at least managed to *rent* my condo, which is a step in the right direction.

I have been looking for a new job for 10 months now, without success. I am hopeful that, when you are able to buy a new house, that will also break my logjam and I will find a new job.


In all seriousness, massive good luck. Buying a house these days is ultra-annoying, but I will keep all my appendages crossed for you!