Monday, May 25, 2009

Guilty Pleasures: The Last 5 Songs You Downloaded

I thought another fun series might be the various guilty pleasures that Mame and I indulge in. (Ew, get your minds out of the gutter. Not like THAT!) One of my main vices is iTunes. I can't. Stop. Downloading. Music. And podcasts. I don't do tv shows or movies, but that's mostly because I don't have that kind of space on Frank the iPod. So, for fun, here are 5 of my most recent downloads:

  1. "Don't Stop Believin'" by the cast of Glee (I think I made my fondness for this show evident and I was delighted to find that I could get their version. Yay!)
  2. "Jai Ho" from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack; I recently saw this movie and only thought it was ok. Dev Patel was adorable, Freida Pinto was beautiful and the music was awesome. I found the dance sequence to this song over the credits particularly delightful.
  3. "Iowa" by Dar Williams. Beautiful voice, beautiful song.
  4. "Mad World" by Adam Lambert. (Whatever, don't judge me. I think he's great. And I love this song like, down to my DNA.)
  5. "Great Expectations," The Gaslight Anthem; I downloaded this one on a recommendation from EGT. She rarely steers me wrong when it comes to music and television.
What have you downloaded recently? Care to harass me for my choices? (You can try, I'm pretty unrepentant!)

*And in case anyone is concerned (Doubtful!), I'm still working on my Terminator entry. It's rather...epic.


EGT said...

Hmm. I am terrible at knowing these things off the top of my head. I'll have to open up Napster when I get home to be sure. BUT I'm so glad you like "Great Expectations!" The MP3 player just chose it for me this morning, and I still love it!

Anonymous said...

The nut doesn't fall far from the tree as we are so often told so I guess you got it honestly. iTunes should send us presents.

I too downloaded Adam Lambert, his versions of One, Mad World & Ring of Fire and to complete my last 5 downloads, Sailing by Christopher Cross cause it makes me feel like summer, Zanzibar Sunset & A Summer Song by Chad & Jeremy for the same reason. Oh that's 6 -proving I can't control myself when it comes to music! Bea's mom

EGT said...

I went back and looked at my last five downloads, but I tend to download whole albums, so my last five downloads would be the last five songs off the second CD of Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music's Greatest Hits. Before that I downloaded a bunch of Nelly songs. And then before that it was the soundtrack to "Spring Awakening." I'm awesome and eclectic.

Auntie Mame said...

Christopher Cross!! hehehe!!
A friend of mine said that Christopher Cross was ruined by the invention of the music video. Sort of like how Nixon lost to Kennedy because of television.

Sorsha Ni said...

Nixon was an ugly man...

Last 5 downloads from iTunes:
Dead Parrot- Monty Python
Just a Friend- Biz Marky
No More Sorrow- Linkin Park
We Made You- Eminem
Rock Me Amadeus- ?? (cant remember)

I've got what my friends so inaccurately refer to as "muscial schizophrenia." They're so cute as I am so totally Histrionic & Dissociative, not Schizo.