Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TV Review: Glee

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. You all have to watch this show. I might have been watching American Idol (Don't judge me!) and then there was this show about a high school glee club. It is HILARIOUS. I called Mame halfway through and DEMANDED that she watch as well and she flipped it on, missed the beginning and STILL fell in love with it. Glee is going to be Our Show.

First, a bit about me: I was a HUGE choir nerd from elementary school through college. I have a CD from my college choir where we toured and wore robes. AND DICKEYS. I loved choir, it was awesome but also completely dorky.

So, this show absolutely KNOWS choir kids. My favorite part was the girl who ALWAYS sings "On My Own." HA! Every choir has at least one girl who will sing that song obsessively at auditions. There's usually another who sings "I Dreamed A Dream." Fucking Les Miz.

ALSO. Jane Lynch! I love her SO much; she's completely hilarious. Every word out of her mouth in Role Models had Mame and I in tears of laughter. Plus, she's Spencer Reid's mom and who doesn't love that?

And then! AND THEN. The choir performs "Don't Stop Believin'!" At this point, Mame and I were like, "Best. Show. Ever." I think you can see the pilot episode on the Fox website like, all summer. And you should. It's awesome.


Dr. Fabulous said...

Will check it out, just for you. Good talking to you yesterday!

Auntie Mame said...

I will personally pay for it, should it ever get cancelled. Well, if I ever win the lottery I would.

Sorsha Ni said...

I love when some one really loves a show/movie/play so much they practically burst talking about it! I might check it out once I am caught up on all the other shows (Criminal Minds, Doll House, Dexter, Tudors, etc.) I missed because of my freakin' stupid insane schedule. Sounds like a train wreck and I like to give a show referred to me at least one episode before I trash it! Thanks!