Tuesday, May 26, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

Stepping in line with Bea, I'm writing about my top five favorite things as of this moment. I would do top five songs I've downloaded from iTunes, but I don't use it often enough. I prefer other methods of downloading my music. So instead I've decided to just begin a list of my favorite things: that's right, consider me the white, younger, far less famous, Oprah, but we're both sassy and have big butts. My favorite things vary day to day it seems, but for today, May 26 (8 days left of school!), here they are:

  1. "Candle on the Water" by Helen Reddy. It's the theme song from Pete's Dragon and it's amazing. Glow Bug has become obsessed with dragons recently, so Beau and I decided he needed to see this movie. Unfortunately, it's not easily available, but this song is!!
  2. Glow Bug's playlist on my iPod. It has: Stevie Wonder's version of Seasons of Love; Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, the chorus of which he sings AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS; Sing by the Carpenters; Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary; and Solisbury Hill by Peter Gabriel that he affectionately calls the Boom Boom song.
  3. The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel. I didn't watch Scrubs at all the last two years; the idea of JD having a baby was weird to me. But I did devote a lot of my time to that show in the past, so I watched the series finale that featured this song. I was in tears and immediately downloaded it. It's fantastic!! Also, on a side note: apparently this wasn't the series finale as advertised. Apparently CBS just signed it for another year, but without most of the original cast. Zach Braff is making too much money as the voice of the Charmin dog.
  4. Salad Toppers by Sargento. Holy crap this stuff is good. They also make a potato toppers, but I can't account for them.
  5. Dirt (the hair product) by Jonathan Anton. It gives fresh washed hair that day-after manageability without the stink. It's awesome (Volstaag I know you're interested!!)


Sorsha Ni said...

OMG! There's a product that does that? This could change my life. I absolutely HATE my hair the day I wash it unless I blowdry straight. Next day is always better...like left overs in the fridge. Thanks for the info. I'm looking up Dirt now.

Volstaag said...

I LIKE the stink.

"Lady" Bea said...

Solsbury Hill IS the "boom boom" song. Glowbug is so awesome. I can't wait to see him EVERY DAY. Then I can be fun Aunt Bea! Yaaaay!

EGT said...

"Candle on the Water" is a fabulous song. My high school class was pretty much obsessed with it for a little while. The choir sang it at graduation.