Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Film Series...GO!

So, Mame and I decided a fun thing to do this summer in between us hanging out for many, many hours and creating havoc on our hometown (Can't wait until you get here!!!) would be to have a Summer Film Series on the blog. Doesn't that sound awesome and pretentious?! What it really means is that we are going to do a bunch of movie-related posts. For my part, I'm planning the following:

  • My Obsession With "The Terminator" Series (I'm going to work on this one tonight!)
  • My 5 Favorite Indie Movies
  • Why Fairuza Balk Is Awesome And How You Should Love Her
  • Movies That I Hate And Why
Sounds fun, right? Last year's Summer Reading Challenge was a success, so we figured we'd try something new this year. (For the record, Mame finished all 9 Little House books and I only made it through book 3 of the Avonlea series. So I guess she wins that one. Whatever.)


Sorsha Ni said...

Sounds grande! Can't wait to see how it unfolds...chaos, mayhem, bra burning, lots of ice cream, tentus shots, dry cereal wars, evil dandelions spouting pollen poetry and flamingo shaped balloons. *nervous cough* Sorry, since I finished school my brain has come undone. It should trickle out of my right ear eventually. Like an icecream machine. That will be so cool...must video it for the blog!

"Lady" Bea said...

Well, since you're finished school, you don't NEED that juicy chess club brain anymore. So, it aaaall works out.