Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So, I'm off to spend Halloween with Sid and Andie and their kids. We plan to dress Mothra and Conan up in embarrassing costumes and take pictures and laugh at them, thus really cementing their futures in therapy. Isn't that why you have children?

Mame hasn't blogged in a million years because she's got a lot going on now. She's fine, it's fine. I mean, she's so busy that she's barely talked to me. Her best friend of 16 years. Ooooh, beat THAT for passive aggression, Mame. HA! I WIN!

However, we do talk online and we would like you all to watch this: Drunk History. Our favorite is the one featuring Michael Cera of Arrested Development/Superbad/Juno fame. He plays Alexander Hamilton. 'Nuff said, right? Mame and I quote it incessantly at each other. I don't usually find drunk ramblings all that amusing, but most drunk ramblings aren't this funny. They usually consist of complains of why someone doesn't love you anymore, how much someone is going to puke or paranoias about government conspiracies. Or do I just drink with the wrong people? Hmmm...

Also, I went to this with work friends. It was AWESOME. I've yet to go to a haunted house that was really SCARY, but this had its moments and was TONS of fun. Also, may I apologize on behalf of Quakers everywhere for inventing a prison system that drove people crazy. Oops.

In Halloween movie news, don't ever watch One Missed Call, the American remake. Not the Japanese original version. I'm sure that one's fine. The American one sucks ASS. I should have know because it has Shannyn Sossamyn or however you spell her name in it. I refuse to look it up. She sucks, the movie sucks and is only suitable for mocking. Especially when you have the peanut gallery of my family. That's good times. I do, however, want everyone to know that I wanted to rent High Tension and I was vetoed. My cousin Bri swore that One Missed Call was a good scary movie and whenever it sucked especially egregiously, we would all glare at her. Ha.

And EEEK! The election is in less than a week! Is anyone else FREAKING out?


EGT said...

Um, MY drunk ramblings are AWESOME, k?

Dr. Fabulous said...

Yes! Freaking! But Sid is fighting the good fight! Go Sid!