Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote, Babies!

[Note: this is not a directive to actual babies. They can't vote. They are not old enough.]

So, the election is tomorrow. I'M SO NERVOUS, YOU GUYS. I mean, I'm glad it's here, because for fuck's sake, it feels like this election has been going on for about five years. Seriously. It's been FOREVER. And man, has it just been bringing out rather...unattractive sides in a lot of people.

I think it's obvious from my usual content around here that I really want Barack Obama to win. I really, really do. PLEASE. BRING US A CHANGE OF LEADERSHIP. PLEASE.

Please, everyone, vote. Stand in the lines. Make your voice heard. Please don't just assume that since your state historically goes a certain way that it will again and that your vote is not needed. IT IS. I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but in case I'm not...VOTE YOUR ASSES OFF. Plus, I think Starbucks is giving away free coffee if you vote. Hey, whatever gets people to the polls, right?

My one caveat is this: If you're not going to vote for Obama SOLELY because you don't want to vote for a black guy? Stay the fuck home. No one wants to hear your voice. Asshole.

Finally, a quote from The West Wing that entertains me endlessly:

"Because I'm tired of working for candidates who make me think that I should be embarrassed to believe what I believe, Sam! I'm tired of getting them elected! We all need some therapy, because somebody came along and said, 'Liberal means soft on crime, soft on drugs, soft on Communism, soft on defense, and we're gonna tax you back to the Stone Age because people shouldn't have to go to work if they don't want to!' And instead of saying, 'Well, excuse me, you right-wing, reactionary, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun, Leave It To Beaver trip back to the Fifties...!', we cowered in the corner, and said, 'Please. Don't. Hurt. Me.' No more. I really don't care who's right, who's wrong. We're both right. We're both wrong. Let's have two parties, huh? What do you say?" -Bruno Gianelli, Gone Quiet

In fact, if you're so inclined, leave me your favorite The West Wing or various election-related quote in the comments. Happy Election Day, everyone!

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EGT said...

My favorite West Wing quote:

You're a son of a bitch, you know that? She bought her first new car and you hit her with a drunk driver. What? Was that supposed to be funny? "You can't conceive, nor can I, the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God," says Graham Greene. I don't know who's ass he was kissing there 'cause I think you're just vindictive. What was Josh Lyman? A warning shot? That was my son. What did I ever do to yours except praise his glory and praise his name? There's a tropical storm that's gaining speed and power. They say we haven't had a storm this bad since you took out that tender ship of mine in the North Atlantic last year, 68 crew. You know what a tender ship does? It fixes the other ships. It doesn't even carry guns. It just goes around and fixes the other ships and delivers the mail. That's all it can do. Gratias tibi ago, domine. Yes, I lied. It was a sin. I've committed many sins. Have I displeased you, you feckless thug? 3.8 million new jobs, that wasn't good? Bailed out Mexico. Increased foreign trade. Thirty million new acres of land for conservation. Put Mendoza on the bench. We're not fighting a war. I've raised three children. That's not enough to buy me out of the doghouse? Haec credam a deo pio? A deo iusto, a deo scito? Cruciatus in crucem. Tuus in terra servus, nuntius fui. Officium perfeci. Cruciatus in crucem. Eas in crucem! You get Hoynes.