Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phase IV - It's Home

It's been over a month now since we moved here, and I must say, it's been a lot easier than I ever could have thought. Lord bought himself a flat screen, hang on the wall, TV and gave Beau and I his 56" flat screen, not hang on the wall TV as a welcoming present. It's pretty damn cool, except for the fact that Lord doesn't have cable. Seriously. Well, almost seriously. The company he's with now only carries about 50 channels including all the bonus packages because the land that Lord built his house is out in the country, so the company never laid wires out there. We don't get Comedy Central, The Food Network, the Biography channel, nuthin. Lord has been complaining about it, but has done nothing. Now that I'm here and complain openly about it, he's in talks with Beau to get a satellite dish because he's mad "with the service he gets now. "

Glow Bug has adjusted nicely. We set his bed up here and he really began to realize that this was home now. He's fully potty trained now (even at night!!), and except for getting into bed with Beau and I rather than his own bed when he gets up in the middle of the night, it's been a huge blessing. Glow loves his new school. The women there are all wonderful and are there all day, so they can talk about anything that happens in his day. At the other school they changed shifts about three times during the course of the day and a lot of times they missed messages between the shifts so Glow would come home in a different outfit and no one could tell me if it was because he had an accident, got dirty, or had boric acid thrown on him. Now when I drop him off and pick him up it's the same two faces and they are full of stories for me. Also, they do their classes by half year, so he's in the "upper two" room now, and after his birthday he will be in the "new 3" room. I think that makes a lot of sense; it keeps the classes low and keeps all the same skill levels together: there is a BIG difference between a just turned two year-old, and an about to turn three year-old.

My new school is amazing. I love it. I love getting up in the morning and I don't even mind the twenty minute drive to work. It's been SUCH a long time since I've felt this way. I get up earlier than I have ever had to, and I drive a lot further than I've ever had to, but I don't mind it one bit.*

Beau is starting to get his footing with his new job. It's a lot more money, but a lot more work, too. He says he likes it, and he knows almost everyone around, so selling is going to be easier once he gets word out.

I've been thinking lately how really blessed I've been recently. It's weird, even the most tiny inconveniences have had such a good turnout. For instance: we have VERY limited closet space here, so I've had to match up outfits on hangers thus saving me time in the mornings, and making it so much easier to dress Glow Bug for Beau. I had to leave my favorite morning radio show in North Carolina, but they've just come out with online streaming, so I can listen at work. I have morning planning, so I can listen to almost the entire show.

Lord and Lady built their house in the middle of the country and it was so annoying to have to drive so far to go anywhere. Now we've saved money because we aren't going out places, and we've become a closer family because we're doing more 'hands-on' things. Beau built a fire pit and the entire family spent an hour or so the other night making S'mores and singing. Or how it takes three people to mow the lawn to get it done in a reasonable time, and Glow has a little play mower so he pretends to help too. It's been adorable. Every morning there are deer and rabbits running around as I leave the house, and I can't wait for the leaves to start to change.

You know, I've just reread this, and it's totally different then what I usually write. I hope you readers will still like it.

More later!!

*I've got some kick butt tunes to listen to now as well - thanks Bea!!