Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Small Town School Ancedote #1

(Seen/overheard on the way to lunch)

Student A: I wish that kid would stop making fun of retarded kids. (yelling) Seriously!! Knock it off!! That's not even cool!!

Student B: (making fun of the stereotypical, mentally challenged kid) That's not what your mom said last night!!

Student A: (yells back) No she didn't. My mom would tell you you were being dumb. Besides, when did you see my mom?

Student C: (staring at Student A) Duudde.....

Student A: (the light bulb goes off) Oh, he didn't mean it like that, did he?

Student C: (aside) There it is. (to student A) No, no he didn't.

1 comment:

"Lady" Bea said...

Ah, that is priceless. Though it makes me sad that women cannot insult each other's moms.

"Your Mom" jokes are my favorites, but girl culture just doesn't support them. Tragic!