Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boy, I Just Can't WAIT For November! How 'Bout You?

Ok, seriously? NO. REALLY. SERIOUSLY?! (If you don't feel like clicking the link, it's a USA Today article detailing how rape victims in Alaska were CHARGED FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT EXAMS. Somewhere between $500-$1200. This was while Sarah Palin, candidate for Vice President, in case you've been living in an ocean trench or something, was mayor of Wasilla.) No, you read that right. But here, let me say that again, louder:


I...this pisses me of so much. I'd heard of cities trying to pull that shit but as far as I knew, it was generally shouted down pretty quickly because it's fucking ridiculous. I didn't know anyone had actually DONE it. I LOVE the police chief's comment that he felt that it was an unfair burden on the taxpayers, paying for rape exams. Hey dude? You know what's an unfair burden? SEXUAL ASSAULT. OK? And of course, no big deal, they'd just bill the victim's insurance. Yeah, great. As long as she wasn't one of the MILLIONS of Americans who are uninsured. Or the other millions who have shitty insurance.

Jesus. Women are judged for being raped. They're judged for not reporting the crime. (Don't EVEN get me STARTED on the whole "Well, if she doesn't report it and the guy rapes someone else, then it's her fault!" UM. NO. A world of no. If you believe that, well. I...don't really have much to say to you, actually.) Then if they do decide to report it and go to the hospital like they're "supposed" to, THEY GET PRESENTED WITH A FUCKING BILL.

Ok, under no circumstances did McCain/Palin have my vote. That was never going to happen. McCain could pick Patti Smith as his running mate and I still wouldn't vote for that shit. (Hold on. I need to wrap my brain around THAT mental picture...HA.) Palin pisses me off on just about every issue: gun control, gay marriage, abortion rights, birth control (The Pills is NOT an abortifacient, people.), the environment, sex education, immigration...much like McCain. And I'm personally offended that the McCain camp apparently thinks that women are interchangeable, all, "Hey, if you liked Hillary, you'll love Sarah! See? Boobs! AWESOME, RIGHT?" (For a laugh on this subject, please view this fine video. Feel a little better? Anyway.) But this just enrages me.

If this turns out to be untrue, that would be awesome, actually. I still would never in a million years vote for McCain/Palin, but at least a little of my FUCKING FAITH IN HUMANITY would be restored. What do you guys think?


dan mac said...

Had a conversation with a friend last night, she looked me in the eye and told me if I vote for McCain we can no longer be friends. We laughed, and then she was like "No, I'm serious, though." I told her that's cool with me, I'm disavowing anyone I know who votes for McCain, too.

If McCain wins I'm going to gather like-minded individuals in some small, progressive state (like Vermont maybe) and start a movement to secede from the Union. Threatening to move to Canada is played; I'm talking civil war.

"Lady" Bea said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to issue a disclaimer of, "If you vote for McCain, DON'T TELL ME ABOUT IT. Because I will judge you." Kind of like I do for anti-choicers. You can be anti-choice, fine, whatever. Just don't start a fight with me about it. It'll probably end with me calling you a stupid fucking motherfucker and not speaking to you for a month.

I'm not PROUD of it, but yeah.