Monday, September 29, 2008

Holy Shit I'm a Republican?!

OK, maybe not. But by textbook, most of my views are considered very conservative.
In my line of work (molding young minds, squelching their ideals, and the like) I'm asked quite often about my view on today's politics. I usually meander my way away from such questions, but it's been very hard to these days.
Today, during a rather blah moment at work, I did some research regarding my politics and where I stand on what the media is calling today's "hot issues."
  1. I want to be left the fuck alone. I do not the president of telling me what to do with my body nor my means of self-protection.
  2. I don't want someone from New Hampshire telling me in West Virginia what to do, ever. I firmly believe that the governor should be more powerful than the senators, yet it doesn't seem so anymore. Things like the death penalty, environmental issues, and education should always be a state's decision; the federal government has no right to interfere.
  3. The welfare system, social security, and medicare/Medicaid are failing. No, they have failed. There is no fixing them. They need to be completely re hauled and a better system put in place. A country is only as good as how they treat their poor and their elderly. By these standards America is a third-world nation.
  4. Freedom of speech was so important that it is listed in the FIRST AMENDMENT of the Bill of Rights. So is religion. I think that the greatest, most wonderful thing about my country is that I don't have to agree with you, but I am proud that we have the freedom to disagree.
  5. This whole immigration thing? My great-grandparents were immigrants. There is nothing wrong with anyone, of any class, of any nation to come to America. The problem is that we have created so much red tape and nonsense that only the elite and rich can legally come. I've taught illegal immigrants and spoken at great length with their parents; they would gladly pay into our social security and tax system if they could stay. Why not make them? Don't send them back, don't put up a damn fence (idiots), just help them to become legal, and let them pay into our system.
  6. Health care in America and Lobbyists go hand in hand; because of this, America will never have a universal health care OR campaign reform.

I love my country. I love the ideals that my country was founded on. I can't stand what we have become. I can't stand that while American soldiers are dying around the world to protect our freedoms, over 80% of Americans can't point out where the soldiers are on a map. I can't stand that our leadership is so corrupted that they can't see beyond their own cattle ranch.

OK, I'm done now.

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