Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Short Play Re: My Chemical Romance

Dramatis Personae: Bea, her co-workers Snowflower and Corey and My Chemical Romance

Scene: My office

Time: Mid-afternoon

Background Music: "The Black Parade," My Chemical Romance

[Bea sits at her desk, patiently working while listening to My Chemical Romance for approximately the 100th time that day. Snowflower enters office, with Corey in tow to ask a question.]

Snowflower: Hey Bea, where're STILL listening to this!? You are going to make me HATE this song!

Bea: Ok, you know WHAT?! I'm not any happier about this EITHER, but I will LISTEN to this cd until I am DONE with it. You are all just going to have to SUFFER ALONG WITH ME. I'M SORRY.

[The sound of crickets chirping and also "When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city..."]

[Snowflower and Corey back slowly out of the office and shut the door.]


1 comment:

Bea's mom said...

OMG-I really can't believe you are still on this-that intervention lurks in your future. Have you considered that your co-workers have the resources to make it happen?