Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Perfect Day...or Why I Have to Lie to the World to Get It

It's snowing outside. Seriously. There is barely a dusting on the Carolina ground, yet school is closed; therefore, I have the day off. Wait. It gets so much better.

Glow Bug's daycare is not closed. Wait. It gets better.

Agnes called and asked if she could take Glow Bug for the day since she does not have to work either.

I told the world that I am going in to work today which isn't entirely a lie; I did go in. I saw how there were only 12 people there, and I left. I am now at home wearing an outfit that does not in any way match, but I don't care - it's comfortable and warm. I dug my candles out of the closet (can't have fire around the Glow Bug) and not only did I get to light them, but they are back on the coffee table! Then I checked my email and saw that the gods at Netflix have sent my second disk of Avonlea: Season 2 and I should be getting it today. My mail gets here at noon.

Is my house clean? Eh, kinda....? Sure I have things to do. But I'm not doing a dang one. I'm going to tool around on the Internets, take a nap, watch my TiVo'd shows that I can't watch around the little one (or Beau for that matter), scrapbook some, take a nap, enjoy my candles, take a bubble bath, take a nap, and enjoy the fact that no one knows where I am or what I'm doing.

Well, until now. But by the time this is read, I'll be taking my nap and not answering my phone. Lata.

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