Monday, January 14, 2008

A (Very) Brief Tribute

Mame is an awesome friend. It's late and I'm really tired, so this is not going to be an extensive list of all the ways in which she rocks, but here are a few:

  • She makes me laugh more than almost anyone.
  • She's a great listener and really supportive, but also calls me on my bullshit, which is equally important.
  • She made me watch The Office, even though I was REALLY reluctant.
  • She tolerates my random obsessions with patience and good humor and juuust the right amount of verbal abuse. (Really, My Chemical Romance is SO awesome11!!)
  • During my New Year's visit, we watched Saturday Night Live, Best of Jimmy Fallon ON Saturday Night Live, numerous episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, enough stand-up comedy to kill a horse and far more than our recommended daily allowance of Veggie Tales. All of it was hilarious.
  • The Soup, Intervention and Celebrity Rehab.
  • V.C. Andrews and finding original cover copies of her books in used book stores. And then threatening to kill each other with Fabio-themed romance novels.
  • She knows why.
And since all this touchy stuff is making me uncomfortable and we all know who emotions are REALLY for, I'm going to bed.

Mame, you are the wind beneath my wings...heh.

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