Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different...

And now, stolen from my friend EGT, Ten Things That Are Making Me Happy Currently:

  1. That I just got back from an awesome visit with Andie, Sid and baby Mothra. Of course, now I miss them even more, but it was worth it. Mothra has surpassed all previously recorded levels of adorableness. It's quite shocking.
  2. That during this visit, Sid made me watch Talladega Nights and Galaxy Quest. How we laaaaughed and laughed. And we also watched bits of Legend and laughed even harder. Man, Tom Cruise in that elf outfit NEVER gets old. And Tim Curry with his long, shapely, glow-in-the-dark nails. Heh, Satan totally gets a manicure.
  3. ALSO, during my visit, we went to two used books stores and I finished off my Little House collection by purchasing The Long Winter and The First Four Years. I also bought two Dennis Lehanes, two Judy Blumes, a Madeleine L'Engle and The Sweet Hereafter (ACTUAL LITERATURE!!!). (*Mame! There was also an ORIGINAL COVER copy of Heaven! But I didn't have room in my carry-on or life to be buying books I already own. DAMN IT.) Used book stores make me swoon.
  4. Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock. Especially his hair after Ken's party in the last episode. HA.
  5. Sam and Dean from Supernatural in tuxedos in last week's episode. In tuxedos stealing shit and being snarky. Sigh.
  6. My new pink grapefruit body butter. I smell like pink grapefruit! I got it from the Body Shop at the airport! I didn't even know that store was still around!
  8. That I plan to see No Country for Old Men very, very shortly. Like, this weekend.
  9. Oscar season! Time to drag myself to as many worthy movies as possible!
  10. This conversation:
Bea: That hat makes Mothra look like Woodstock from "Charlie Brown."
Sid: It does NOT! How can you say that about my child! Your godson! You're an asshole!
Bea: True, but he still looks like Woodstock.
Sid: Andie! How can you let your "friend" talk about our SON that way?
Andie: [not looking up from her copy of "Better Homes and Gardens] Because it's true. He does look like Woodstock in that hat.
Bea: [glee]

*Mame and I have a small hobby in collecting original cover copies of V.C. Andrews novels. You know, the cut-out covers with the creepy pictures behind them? Used book stores ALWAYS have them. Hey, whatever keeps us off the streets, right?

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