Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boredom...or...well, yeah just boredom.

I wish I had things to write about today. I am so uninspired, as it is I am writing in a FUN font to try and make me feel like typing away. My thought was that perhaps the rigid, yet worthy Times New Roman was the reason for my writer’s block. It’s not looking like it was, though.

Things have been boring. Well, boring for me that is. I have been away from the Internets for the following reasons: I got pink-eye, Glow Bug got a nasty cold, I got strep throat, Dolly came in to visit, Dolly got a staph infection, I broke up a gang fight at work, and I have been spending Beau’s money like mad at the scrapbook store. I can’t help it, that place is amazing.

This weekend I am going to my first college reunion. I can’t believe I haven’t been back since graduation. I loved my college, still do; it’s unbelievable how fast life goes by (insert that sad Kenny Chesney song “Don’t blink” here). It’s going to be fun. Beau, the adorable man that he is, got us a room at the local bed and breakfast rather than a hotel so we’ll have more of a vacation than a visit. I’m excited. Glowbug is staying at his Nana and Granddad’s (Beau’s parents) that weekend and I think they are really looking forward to having some quality grandparent time with him. He loves their house. Well, he loves that their ceiling fan has a remote control that he can use whenever he wants and he loves that they sing ALL THE TIME (seriously it’s like a real-life musical over there) and he can dance around and enjoy it too.

Bea and I have been planning a vacation together and that is going to be suh-weet. The week after Christmas is a vacation for me, so she is going to be flying in and hanging out. There’s a lot to look forward to, but not a lot to discuss at this time. Does that make any sense?

I’ve just finished reading Marlon Brando’s autobiography, Songs My Mother Taught Me and I loved it. He was such an asshole, but while writing the book totally admits to it. I give a lot of props (do people even say that anymore) to someone who can own up to their mistakes, no matter how ridiculous they were. Seriously this guy IS Hollywood: moody life, tons of weirdness, excellent acting. I have always been a fan of his acting, but his work with civil rights, animal rights, and protecting the environment makes him a God to me.

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