Friday, October 5, 2007

Not Really a Book Review...More Like a Book PLEA

You guys. Hi. It's me. Can someone, ANYONE of the like, eight people who read this blog (and I'm not complaining about my eight readers, because I love you all and this way, we don't get like, bloody clown suits, fingers or long letters that a cat wrote to God* in the mail. It works for me. Anyway.) please read Sarah Monette's wizard-y series starting with Melusine so that WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT?! I just...I mean...IT'S SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. If you like intricate, dark, violent, twisty, dirty stories about Wizards who live in imaginary places, then this is the series for you. And I am really not notably a fantasy reader. Harry Potter doesn't count. Everyone reads Harry Potter. (EXCEPT FOR YOU, MAME.)

I don't want to give much away because there's twists and stuff and if I start trying to describe the plot, we'll be here all day and I'll bore you (too late!), but the first book, Melusine, is about these two guys, Felix and Mildmay. (I know, I didn't name the guy, but it makes sense later. Mildmay thinks his name is weird too.) Felix is a seriously messed up wizard with a tragic past (You guys know I LOVE a tragic past!) and Mildmay is a thief. Really bad things happen and there's adventures and magic and it's totally brilliant and I burned through it in about two days and luckily have the sequel, The Virtu on hand from the library and I put a hold on the third book The Mirador. (I also may have ordered them, since they're out in paperback and hey, why not, I'll totally reread them a bunch of times. But they won't be here for at least a week, so until then local library, all your Sarah Monette novels are belong to me! HA!)

The plot is great and complicated and I had to resort to googling to understand the calendar systems that the author used. (Um, she invented them. Two of them. Which is good, because I felt stupid for awhile for having NO idea what the hell these people were talking about.) I love the characters. LOVE THEM. Felix is a total prick and I couldn't adore him more. I'm evenly divided between wanting to offer him a hug (which he wouldn't want ANYWAY) and wanting to smack him really hard. And Mildmay. LOVE him. He's so great. He's all rough and uneducated and curses a lot and sometimes might murder people but he's by FAR the most decent person in the series. Heh. At least so far.

So, someone, please? If this sounds like something that might be fun for you? Or if you've read it? Throw me a comment! I'm DYING over here for want of discussing this series!

*Gratuitous The State reference.

**Also, I used the Flowers in the Attic tag for a reason. Make of that what you will. Ahem.

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