Friday, July 27, 2007

Leave a comment dammit!!

Ahem, I mean, Bea and I are currently accepting comments or recommendations of ideas for things to write about. As you read our blog, leave comments of anything you would like to read about. Anything from the destruction of Sappho's poetry as a physical symbol of the fall of the matriarchal society, to who's dreamier, Jensen Ackles or Jarred Padelicki?
We're interested in what our readers want to know about and we are knowledgeable in all things. Go ahead, try us on any kind of pop culture from 1970 to today; we are amazing. Or, ask us about some random movie, music or book, we've got those topics covered as well. I'm not sure if this is an attempt to increase our readership or if this is a throw down challenge between us and you, our readers. Take it whichever way you want.


EGT said...

Um, I request an entry about the awesomeness of a certain British sci-fi show and also the awesomeoness of a certain star of said British sci-fi show. But then, you knew that.

Beau said...

I feel it necessary that the two of you begin a dialogue much like the great men and women of days past, taking up opposing views on issues of the day and airing these views in a public forum in order to educate the masses. I would suggest as a start: "Parris Hilton and Nicole Richie... who has the least amount of talent and which would more quickly whore themselves for additional fame (previous episodes of whoreing do not apply)



"Lady" Bea said...

EGT, I DID know that and you shall have it. And there may be discussion of how NOT captivating I find a certain Companion. OMGIMISSROSE! Ahem. Sorry. Possibly this weekend. But not tonight, because I'm quite sleepy. Heh.

And Beau? Dude. We could totally do a Point/Counterpoint thing, I've been dying to call Mame an "*ignorant slut," but we are NOT debating Paris and Nicole. Britney and Lindsey? TOTALLY.

*Hmm...what's stopping me? NOTHING! HA!

Ok, bedtime. Later, bitches!