Monday, July 2, 2007

Beginning of Summer and Then Some!

It's been awhile, I know. Things have been busy and, unfortunately, the blog suffers. As does Bea's mother. I've gotten roped into working during the summer and as much as I wanted to try the stay at home Martha Stewart role, money is money and Beau and I need it. Little Glow Bug wants to go to college some day and with the way that our inflation is going it's going to cost a little over a billion to send him (God forbid he goes to a private school).
To get caught up, let's first review what has been going on in the world:
  • This whole Paris Hilton nonsense? WTF? Personally, I don't think this is a race issue (although there is a great case that it is). I think it's a money issue. Anyone with enough money or even star power behind him or her isn't held to the same standards as those of us who work to earn our $30,000 a year, not just get $175,000 for showing up to a party. Look at OJ Simpson, or even Mumia Abul Jamal. Money really does control everything even though the basis of our government is that "all men" are created equal. Whatever.
  • The whole Lindsay Lohan debacle. Whatever. See above. I hate that bitch too.
  • Isaiah Washington calling his removal from the show Grey's Anatomy a racial issue. Seriously, it's not dude. Sorry. I understand that you want to continue to work in Hollywood and by your little 'incident' the Gay Mafia will make sure that doesn't happen, but don't throw out the race card. It's in bad taste. You were fired because you publicly called out a homosexual man using a derogatory term (twice in fact!) and because you choke slammed a costar. Buddy, I don't care if you're white, black, or Martian, you are gonna get fired from McDonald's for that kind of behavior, let alone a hit television show.

I think that is all that I've cared about recently. Now, onto what has been going on in my life that has kept me away from the Internets for so long:

  1. Despite how I complain about having to work for the month of July, I am actually really relieved to be doing it. I'm not cut out for this Martha-Stewart-stay-at-home-mommy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love Glow Bug with all of my heart and soul, but after a day of having to hold him while I take a shower, entertain him so he doesn't play in the Clorox while I take a shit, and spend over three hours a day trying to find something to entertain him other than the beast that is Barney, I don't really like him by the end of the day. It's taken me a long time to admit that. I'm not just that person. I come from a strong and long line of stay at home mothers who raised great kids, but I'm afraid I'll end up turning Glow Bug into something from Psycho. So I'm doing the summer school thing and then in August I'll go back to being a stay at home Mom again, but this time we'll be having family visiting and whatnot, so I hope it will be easier.
  2. I've rediscovered scrap booking. God, it's an addiction, I SWEAR. Beau made me this wonderful little 'Scrapbook Nook' that is really an old closet, but it's perfect for me. I've spent way too much money and now waste hours away under scraps of paper and old photos. I love it.
  3. In an attempt to save some money (for scrap booking) Beau, Glow Bug and I have been going to the local used book store some evenings. We can trade in our old books and get some gently used (but new to us) books. I've found some great autobiographies and old favorites. Currently I am on a quest to find Dolly all the books in Dollanganger series since she's lost hers to our mother's attic.

Now that I'll be back on a schedule and getting things balanced a bit, I'll be writing more. Up next: a book review of the second book in the Dollanganger series Petals on the Wind.


Bea's mom said...

OK-by now you should've figured out that my work day is devoid of humor and honesty that I look to blogs to provide. I am relieved to know that you are back until the fall.

PS- Don't you have to visit your mom or something? I'd like to see glow bug again before he becomes a sullen, distrustful teenager.

Lady Bea said...

Dude, the use of the phrase "choke-slammed" will never not be awesome. As are you!