Friday, April 13, 2007

Save These Shows!1111!!11

Ok, so, Mame writes an intelligent post about the First Amendment and current events...and I'm going to write about the three television shows that I love the most, that had better not get cancelled. But might. Because the world hates me. And wants me to watch crappy television. Because the ass shows NEVER get cancelled or hang around for YEARS. Such as: Seventh Motherfucking Heaven, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Smallville (ugh) and AMERICAN IDOL. Ugh. Shows I loved that got cancelled WAY too soon: Everwood, Firefly, Angel, Farscape, Profit, Arrested Development, American Gothic, the late, lamented Rome, Twin Peaks and Joan of Arcadia. You'll note that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is NOT included on that list. Buffy was my favorite show ever, but that shit should have ended at season 5 with Buffy's ass in the ground. DONE. Sorry, I'm still not over that. So, anyway, on to my list...

First, Veronica Mars. This is my current favorite show. It's awesome. Veronica is a kick-ass character; she's smart, witty, tough, bitchy and generous. She's also flawed; she's judgemental, self-centered, vengeful and snotty. I don't want a television world where Veronica ISN'T around, solving crime and tossing off one-liners. The plot goes like this: Veronica is from the corrupt California town of Neptune. Her dad is the disgraced town sheriff-turned-private-detective-now-sheriff again. She helps him with his cases. Her best friend was murdered. She was roofied and raped at a rich kid's party. (There were...a lot of "r"s in that sentence. Heh.) Her drunken cow of a mother took off and stole a lot of money. Bad people try to kill her a lot. Bad people try to kill her dad a lot. Oh, and for a while? She thought she might have been dating her brother. (See, Mame? The incest just FOLLOWS US. Only in our entertainment, of course. 'Cause otherwise, ew.) There are twists on this show that I NEVER SEE COMING. It's one part mystery, one part drama and one part noir. With plenty of laughs and romance thrown in. The acting is incredible, Kristen Bell plays Veronica and knocks me out every week with her talent. Everyone else on the show rocks too. Seriously, this show is awesome and if it gets cancelled, there will be tears. And I will totally write one of my insane letters to the CW. (My theory behind letter-writing is this: make your letter just the teensiest bit insane. Just enough to get noticed. Not enough to get a restraining order. It's a fine line. Walk it carefully. Heh.)

My second show? Supernatural. I've gone on at some length in this space about my love for this show. Look, I'll be honest. Sometimes Supernatural is really fucking stupid. Sometimes the Winchester brothers and their dad hatch "brilliant" "plans" in their fight against evil that have me going, "Seriously? THAT'S your plan? THAT'S the best that the crack team of Winchester, Winchester and Winchester could come up with? Oooookay. Idiots boys." Sometimes the dialogue makes me want to beat my head against a wall. SOMETIMES THE ASSHOLES WHO MAKE UP THE "PREVIOUSLIES" GIVE AWAY THE PLOT TWISTS IN THE FIRST 30 SECONDS OF THE EPISODE. GOD. We're not STUPID, CW PROMO PEOPLE. If you include a character talking about how sometimes ghosts don't know they're dead and that's why they hang around...GUESS WHAT?! We're going to figure out that the guest star in the episode is...wait for it...A GHOST WHO DOESN'T KNOW HE OR SHE IS DEAD!!! They do that WAY too often. And a lot of the time, the female guest stars look like porn stars. And sometimes it's intentional. But's not. It's just bad casting. And they act about as well as porn stars too. BUT. Supernatural has faaaar more good points than bad. For one thing? It's really fucking scary. The special effects are only so-so, but not too bad for a network tv show. It routinely makes me jump and screech. I'm watching my dvds as I type this (Skin, episode 1.6, if you're counting) and it's already scared the crap out of me three times. And I've SEEN this episode at least twice. SCARY. The acting from the three leads, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is top-notch. (Honestly, Padalecki was pretty bad when the show first started. But he got much, MUCH better. And cuter. But more on that later.) The angst, people. THE ANGST. Dean (Ackles), Sam (Padalecki) and their dad, John (Morgan) are ALWAYS angsting and crying manly tears over SOMETHING. And they look good doing it. What can I say? I like my fictional characters to suffer. And speaking of looking good...ok. HOT. Jensen Ackles is my new tv boyfriend. The other boys are awfully nice to look at too. The bottom line (finally!) is that the show is entertaining as hell, scary, funny and twisty. And they use classic rock in the soundtrack! SCORE!

And finally...Friday Night Lights. I know, I'm as surprised as you. I LOATHE all forms of sports, football included. I mean, am actively hostile to them. But this show...TRANSCENDS that. It's shot kinda documentary-style, with improvised dialogue and REALLY naturalistic acting. I hate sports, but I LOVE me some teen drama. And this show has it. Matt Saracen, the shy quarterback, is one of the most adorable, angsty, sweet teens ever. Most episodes have me saying, "Oh Matt..." or "Poor Matt..." in tones usually reserved for Dean Winchester (see above.). His relationship with the coach's daughter Julie makes me squeal with it's adorableness. Speaking of coach, Coach Eric Taylor is played by Kyle Chandler (Last seen by me as the bomb guy who blew up on Grey's Anatomy.) and his wife, Tami by Connie Britton. They have the best marriage on television. For real. It's hard to believe these two AREN'T married in real life. It's just a great show, full of heart and humor. The characters are all totally believable and mostly likeable. Everyone should watch this show. For real. SO, DON'T CANCEL IT.

Aaand, I'm spent.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what is wrong with Seventh Heaven?!?!?!? That was the BEST acting EVER!!! he he he.


Lady Bea said...

Step off, bitch. I haven't forgotten you coming over to my apartment and forcing me to watch that shit. Not forgotten OR forgiven. Hee! But then, I have made you watch some pretty questionable stuff too...