Thursday, March 8, 2007

Reason #133,254,356 I am a NERD

After Sex and the City aired its finale, after Six Feet Under was buried, and after Sopranos decided it needed another two-year break, I decided I needed a break from HBO. Since then, Bea has been telling *nagging* me about the 'wonderful' new shows they’ve been airing and how I simply MUST re-subscribe. As is always the case with Bea and I: I of course gave in and two weeks ago (at 3AM mind you, maybe I was PMSing) signed up for our eight channels of HBO along with their on-demand services. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Then, after a terrible week, I sent the husband and baby glow-worm to the in-laws’ house for the weekend and had two days of alone time. After about three hours alone I was bored out of my mind (Stupid Bea was 'traveling' and was out of reach - what's up with that?!) and decided that I would use the time to watch the back episodes of “Rome” (now in its second season). I have now become terribly obsessed with every aspect of the show. The hulky, brooding Pullo is my new crush and the tragic love of Octavia and Agrippa is my new "Jim and Pam" (since the Office is on some damn hiatus).

Seriously, this show is fantastic!! If you haven’t watched before, here is a quick recap:

  • Julius Caesar in charge
  • People love Caesar, senators don’t
  • People love each other – a lot (yes, dirty).
  • People love drugs – a lot (who would have thought??).
  • Mark Antony loves anything that breathes – a lot.
  • Caesar is killed (and whoa was it accurate and disgusting)
  • Wars are waged (both in the streets - gangs, and on the battlefield)
  • Tons of blood is shed (again, both in the streets and on the battlefield)
  • People still love each other a lot and often (hehehe).
  • People still love drugs and wine a lot and often (my kind of people!!).

Seriously, it’s damn good television.


Lady Bea said...

I've been TELLING you (and everyone else) how awesome "Rome" is...I watch it in combined horror and delight every week. Hellooo Marc Antony...hee.

Lady Bea said...

Oh, and also? I WIN.

Anonymous said...

Bea is really a nag, often right and ALWAYS self-serving and I mean it in the nicest way:) She learned from the best.
Seriously I really enjoy reading your blog-better than catching bits and pieces of your endless teen-age chatter that I really miss.

B's mom