Saturday, March 17, 2007

Danielle Steel and Mockery --The Cure For All That Ails You...

So, Mame and I have had a bit of a rough week. Full of drama, both personal and peripheral, and frankly, we'd just had enough. As we so often do, we end up on the phone for hours, while flipping through endless cable channels. We lead very exciting lives. Quiet, you. ANYWAY. We stumble across Danielle Steel's Heartbeat on the WE! Channel. This is very exciting. Mame and I have a complicated relationship with Ms. Steel and her books and movies. We know they're not good. But they are terrible in that hilarious way that makes us rewatch the movies on Lifetime and buy the books in used book stores. And this evening is no exception. First of all, we are incapable of just saying the name of the movie Heartbeat. We have to sing it. Like Don Johnson's song of the same name from the 80s. So, we spent over an hour on the phone mocking the movie, with the special guest star of my Mom. It was fun. And also hilarious.

More on this and other topics later, including: Why more tawdry TV movies of trashy novels AREN'T being made (Note: I don't have an answer for that, I just wanna bitch about it.), the awesomeness that is Rome and why I hate driving in Coke-slurpee-like Slush.

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