Monday, March 19, 2007

Birthday Wishes, "Rome" and Why I Hate Ice. (But not in that order.)

Oh my gods, Rome last night...was aaaaaaawesome. I mean, every episode is it's own little slice of deliciousness, but last night's was something special. There was fighting, screwing, cursing, betrayal, wanton abuse of eyeliner and what was perhaps, the most graphic sex scene I've EVER seen. Ever. Involving Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. Yeah. If you aren't watching this show, you NEED to start. (But sadly, they are cancelling it! GAH. I think I'm some kind of good-show-Kryptonite. All my shows get cancelled. It HURTS me. Veronica Mars might be next. If that AND Supernatural go, I'll probably have to committ seppuku. Note: Not an actual threat.) Mame and I exchanged a giddy IM conversation before we had to close down shop for the night. Characters from Rome I love: Pullo, Vorenus, Marc Antony, Octavia, Octavian (even if he IS a reptilian-eyed sociopath. Maybe BECAUSE he is.), Livia (Octiavian's freaky wife. And I mean, FREAKY. Like, the kind you don't bring home to Mother. Unless your mother is Atia, of course.), Marc Antony, Atia, Vorena the Elder and Marc Antony. Characters from Rome that I hate: GAIA. You'll note I've mentioned almost every major character (some more than once!) under the "Love" heading and only one under the "Hate" heading. I only hate Gaia. And she's literally dead in a ditch, so all is right with the world! That's what you GET for messing with Pullo.

In other news: I hate ice. I hate driving in and on it. I hate digging my car out of it. Ice, you suck. I don't even want to put ice in my drinks anymore, I'm THAT angry at it. Lukewarm drinks for me from now on, bitches! That'll show 'em!

And now, special birthday wishes go out to my good friend, Josephine. (No, that's not her real name. We don't use real names around here. That is her supersecret blog identity. She knows why.) Her birthday is soon and so is mine and we usually celebrate together, at a classy restaurant like the Olive Garden. Hee. But (guilt trip!) NOOO...someone had to move far, far away to a red state and leave me all alone with no one to be my faux-lesbian wing man when creepy guys try to pick me up. Seriously, I attract only weirdos and freaks and Josie helps me fend them off by pretending to be my life partner. It's fun. I miss her like crazy. She's supersmart, kinda classy, an awesome listener, crazy analytical, but has one of the crudest, most immature senses of humor that I've EVER had the privilege of witnessing. The puns, MY GOD, THE PUNS. She got me into Alias, Linkin Park and took me to White Castle for Easter dinner because we'd just watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and I was curious. (By the way, don't ever do that. White Castle is NASTY. Those boys must have been higher than I thought.) We terrorized our college choir together. We will never live down the "Car Wash Incident." We don't want to!

Happy birthday, Josephine! I miss you and hope you have a great day and get lots of good presents. I'd type more about how awesome you are, but my hand is getting tired...



Auntie Mame said...

Wanton abuse of eyeliner...terrific!
Seriously, if that was the most graphic sex scene you've ever seen, you need to get out more (although it was pretty good)!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank my good friend, slag for leaving me a birthday tribute yesterday. Even across states, we have managed to terrorize one another on a regular basis. Ah, it is good to know that some things never change. For my birthday dinner, I opted for delivery pizza. Perhaps that is my "class" that was referred to in the tribute. Well, I will "get over it" as only Josephine can do. Here are some parting notes for my dear friend that will take her way back although I can't be quite as whiney online as they were originally delivered...."We don't have a President" and "I just saw (Jennifer) at dinner." Well, thanks again for the lovely memories...and for the ones to come. I will enjoy harassing you soon as your birthday approaches. Respectfully (ha), Josephine