Friday, March 23, 2007

Ennui and a Funny (?) Story From the PA Turnpike

Yeah, I'm pretty bored right about now. I've already done the following: given myself a pedicure, rewatched the naughty and/or funny bits from last night's episode of Supernatural (of which there were MANY. GREAT episode. Seriously, if you've ever watched Gilmore Girls and remember Rory's cute boyfriend/deflowerer, Dean? Yeah, go Google him now. I'll wait. Dude grew up NICE. And muscley. But I digress. A lot.), read my Entertainment Weekly, caught up on the blogs I follow and now...I'm bored. So, here's something that happened to me a few weeks ago (Mame, I'm not sure if I've even told you this one):

I was on a road trip with my family to go to visit yet MORE family to celebrate my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. It's a long drive. And if I'm in a car and I'm NOT driving, I'm gonna fall the hell asleep. Almost immediately. Unless I'm the co-pilot. I can stay awake (mostly!) for that. So, we're driving along and I'm snoring and drooling all over myself. (At least I assume so. My family's generally kind enough not to take pictures of me in this state.) We stop at a rest stop about an hour or so in. My mom and I take ourselves to the Ladies Room, where our adventure begins. I'm sitting in the stall, minding my own business, as one does, OR SO I THOUGHT. Two women come in. I would guess from their interaction (and from what follows...) that they are sisters or something. Each woman goes into the stalls on either side of me. All of the sudden, the woman on my right snaps her foot out and FUCKING KICKS ME. It didn't hurt or anything as we were both wearing sneakers, but it startled the HELL out of me. Partly because I'm still like, a quarter asleep and also, SHE FUCKING KICKED ME. Because I'm so dazed, instead of flipping out, I only say, "UM. OK." After an awkward pause, Kicking Sister (Heh, sort of like Stands With A Fist!) says, "Um...Amy? (Or whatever the non-kicking sister's name was.)" AmyOWTNKSNW (on my left) says, "Yeah?" Kicking sister FREAKS out and starts apologizing frantically, while I crack up.

So the moral of this story, sure of who is in the stall next to you before you start kicking? Or perhaps only kick those too dazed to defend themselves? Actually, it was pretty damned funny. Almost worth it. However, I'm starting a new tag for this entry, "Things that only happen to ME." I'm sure Mame and I can think of many, many stories to file under THAT particular heading. Maaaaaaaaame?

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