Monday, November 7, 2011

What Is Bea Watching This Television Season?

...Because I know you were all wondering. It's the question on everyone's (no one's) minds! Believe it or not, I don't feel like I watch a lot of television. I despise having shows meted out to me on a weekly basis and then pulled for months at a time. IT ANNOYS ME A LOT. I really prefer to mainline a show on DVD, but then I miss out on discussing it with with everyone else and reading reviews and articles, etc.

Returning Shows
  • The Walking Dead. Dude. Zombies. Come on. I agree with everyone else who says that season one had an pretty awesome pilot and then the rest...kinda...sucked? It was very uneven. There were parts that were cool (the zombie attack on the camp, the showdown at the CDC) and parts that sucked (Um. The rest), but I was still curious enough to pop in for season two. It's better that the first season. I know that seems like faint praise, but it really is better. Some of the existing problems from season one are still around, like the pacing issues (Either kill Sophia off or fucking find her. LIKE, YESTERDAY), they still don't really know how to handle the Lori/Shane/Rick triangle (Lori and Shane need to come clean - they aren't really at fault, they truly thought Rick was dead and who could blame them - and then they have a threeway relationship. Shit. It's the zombie apocalypse. Have a threeway. Who cares?), and I still don't feel like they've really found their own internal logic and rules for their particular zombie apocalypse. They sure don't treat it like a biological contagion, what with everyone unconcernedly getting zombie goo on them all the time, but it's clearly communicable through bites, so what the fuck? SO. ANYWAY. The Walking Dead: better than last season, for real. The Shane twist was pretty great and I'm hoping it gets that character (who has potential and I like the actor) out of that rut (PUN SO INTENDED) that he's been in. The show needs to figure out some cool shit to do with Glenn, and either do something with Andrea or kill her off. While she's got a point re: Dale's paternalism, her incessant whinging about it drives me crazy. (The show, in general, kind of doesn't know what do with women. Are there any women on that writing staff? If not, fucking hire some.) Of course, I also watch The Talking Dead, because I love Chris Hardwick.
  • Criminal Minds. I slacked off last season because the firing of 66.6666667% of the female cast members REALLY pissed me off. And apparently it pissed everyone else off because, OH LOOK! They brought Emily and JJ back because the most important thing about this show is the chemistry of the cast! Imagine that! So, I'm back. Spencer Reid is still pretty.
  • Sons of Anarchy. Oh God, I hated the Ireland story last season SO MUCH. I, um, didn't watch the last three or so episodes because it was so painfully annoying. It's better this season. (Sensing a theme? Heh.)
  • Community. I'm not a regular watcher. I pop in from time to time, mostly to see if Joel McHale will take his shirt off or if a piano will fall on Chevy Chase. ...What?
New (To Me) Shows
New Shows
  • Homeland. This is a really, really great show. Damian Lewis and Claire Danes are AMAZING in their roles and the supporting cast is awesome too. I like how unflinching and harsh it is. I love that I'm never entirely sure what's going on, who I can believe, if I can ever accept what I see in flashbacks. So. Great.
  • American Horror Story. It' BATSHIT B-A-N-A-N-A-S INDULGENTLY CRAZY. And I love that about it. I know a lot of people were put off by the pilot (and I don't entirely blame them) but I was strangely flattered by how over-the-top it was. "Aw, show! You really want me to like you! It's like a first date and you've brought flowers AND candy AND perfume! Aww. You've thrown dead babies, adultery, bare asses, a guy in a shiny gimp suit, Dead!Fake!Weasley twins, and Jessica Lange acting like she's a lost Tennessee Williams heroine. You get another episode!" I love Lange, Connie Britton, Taissa Farmiga and the kid who plays Tate. It's not...good, but BOY, is it entertaining. Do I think it's going to crash and burn? Probably. But it sure is fun while it lasts.
  • Revenge. I do really like Revenge but it's up against about a million other things. I usually catch up with it on Hulu. It's everything that Ringer SHOULD be, but isn't: super-fun and soapy and trashy.
Shows That I Have Broken Up With
  • Glee. I would probably keep watching Glee if they ONLY sang and danced. I realized that I found every character (Except for Kurt and Blaine) hugely annoying anytime they actually spoke.
  • Supernatural. This was awhile ago, but ugh. I just got sick of its bullshit.
  • True Blood. The show that I want it to be is not the show that it is. And the show that it is isn't one I'm really very interested in watching.
  • Dexter. I still really like this show, I just got too far behind (I missed all of last season). Maybe I'll catch up on DVD.
  • Ringer. I only lasted two episodes. Sorry, Sarah Michelle Gellar. I love you, but I kind of hated this show.
Shows I Intend To Keep Watching
  • The Wire. SOMEDAY, YOU GUYS. I have to get through seasons four and five.
  • Fringe. I tried to jump into season four, not having watched season three. And. Um. No. Not possible. I'm DVRing season four to watch after I grab the last season on DVD.
  • Sherlock. WHEN WILL I GET MORE? I neeeed it, you guys.
  • Game of Thrones. Though the second season should be called A Clash of Kings. /pedant
  • Breaking Bad. I'm hoping to use the year's hiatus before the final season to catch up on the whole thing.
  • Mad Men. Whenever it comes back.
What are you watching this season? What are you NOT watching?


Sorshanik said...

I'm gonna rant. LOL

I don't agree TWD is uneven. You can't have a zombie horde attack daily. Get over it. Life get's slow. They are trying to live day to day between attacks and country danger like chunky rednecks shooting children thru deer. If they were more organized, I wouldn't buy it. They need to be mental and raw, which they are doing fine at. This is why they bore us to death with looking for Sophia- HOPE is all that is left for humanity in Pandora's box. This is a seriously misfit group of survivors. Even the best trained military folks lose it at times when pushed too far. It's being human. The only ones in charge here are the zombies. It's human race genecide in this case.

Here's MY problem with season 2: WHY did only ONE ZOMBIE (the gooey well walker) get into the property? What's up with that? Anti-zombie fence? Less country zombies than city ones (based on real population stats this makes sense)? Is this a magical farm? Are zombies afraid of manual labor? Is Hershel a wizard in vet's clothes and has the one ring to control the horde? WTF? I can't get an explaination for this no matter WHOM I tweet. *sigh*

Sorshanik said...

Oh! And I'm SOOOOOO GLAD WE WATCH American Horror Story!!!!!! It IS Bat-Crap INSANE, horribly confusing and completely amusing.

EGT said...

You know, that was why I never did watch "Glee." From the very first episode, I was like, "OMG, these people are so whiney and annoying." Of course, I was also in a less patient place back then...

I love Revenge. Love love love it. I am also loving Happy Endings, which I just picked up this season.

Ringer got way better at some point. I'm actually enjoying it more. I have no idea what's going on in it, though...