Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've Got Nothing to Blog About...

I'm bored. I've got nothing to blog about, but it's been a few days since I've posted so I figured it was a good thing to do. Snowmaggedon didn't quite happen here; living in chemical valley has its upsides! Glow Bug has taken to spending entire weekends with his grandparents (who only live about 2 miles away) so my weekends have become pretty boring - it's not like I can go out drinking and whoring. Well I suppose I could, but then I would be nothing more than a sad, sad stereotype of pregnant women in West Virginia wouldn't I?

Being pregnant is not fun. Don't get me wrong, the end product (by which I mean baby) is worth it, but for the 10 months that I've become a human-incubator it's just no fun. I tried to watch Labyrinth yesterday and was crying hysterically within the first seven minutes. In case you don't remember, the whole plot starts with her infant brother crying in his crib and the lead girl basically yelling at him as she tells a story. The idea of a baby crying and not being comforted hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to turn it off.

I find myself crying a lot. Sometimes I cry because I can't pick up my four year-old and carry him around anymore. This may be because he's getting bigger, but I swear it's because of the beach ball belly and then I guilt trip myself because Glow Bug won't be 'carrying' size for much longer and then I get all emotional. Writing all this down I see how crazy it is, but it's the hormones. I also found my first few grey* hairs the other day and realized that I can't just dye my hair to get rid of them. Well, not for the next three months at least. I've seen What's Love Got to Do With It? when Tina Turner's hair falls out because she dyes her hair while pregnant. Not gonna happen to this chunky monkey. Hells no.

Well, as I stated in the first sentence, I don't have anything to discuss/write here, so I'll end this now. I'll write more when I'm more inspired. Hopefully the inspiration comes sooner rather than later.

*for all you Brit loving readers out there: notice that I spelled this color using the Queen's English.


Doug Jeffreys said...

Chemical Valley? My God! That's not why you call him "Glow" bug, is it?

Auntie Mame said...

It's a funny thing. The power for DC, NY, and most of New England is generated here in good ole WV. Seriously: look up Nitro, WV on wikipedia. It was the #2 hit during the Cuban Missle Crisis. And, no, Glow was born in NC.