Friday, June 12, 2009

Day One

This is going to be a boring post, but you'll deal with that, I'm sure.

Yesterday was my first full day in my childhood home. We didn't do much, the weather was lousy so we couldn't take advantage of the pool that Joan brought, and we had so much random little things to do that the day go away from us before we had the time to do anything.

Floppy and I went to my Gparents house to help them with little things like laundry and dishes. I should explain that this is a bigger chore than you'd imagine. The Gparents live in a three-story museum-like house and they are in their nineties, so a simple task like bringing laundry up the stairs is a big deal. Floppy was really sweet and came with me and didn't complain once. I sent him up to the third floor to help Gpop bring things down (he's cleaning out his workspace) and before I know it, Floppy is running outside. I follow him out to yell at him, but I find him yelling up to the window where the aforementioned ninety-something Gpop is leaning precariously out, lowering random bits of metal and pipe out the window to Floppy waiting below. I realize at this moment that my summer is going to be a sitcom.

I go back inside and help Gmom fold laundry and cook lunch. They like to follow a strict schedule of lunch at noon sharp and supper at 6 sharp. The time is punctuated with random clangs outside. We took Gmom grocery shopping and to run errands and as a thank you I took Floppy to my favorite pizza place and bought him a slice and listened to him tell me about his school year.

I called Bea when we got home, but she didn't answer so naturally I just showed up at her doorstep. I believe I reminded her that I was here to spend the damn summer with her so I was going to force myself on her like the athletic boyfriend in a Lifetime special. We went to a diner and flipped through our elementary school yearbooks that we dug out of storage. We were loud and sat next to each other so I'm sure everyone thought we were life partners. Then we drove around the town we grew up in and acted like seventy year olds noting how things have changed.

Today we're scheduled to take the train to the aquarium and then Joan is taking the boys to Chuck E. Cheese while Bea and Bea's Mom go to see The Hangover. It's going to be a fun day.

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