Wednesday, June 10, 2009


OK y'all, I am officially here in Jersey.
Even though my childhood was the pits (Dolly will so back me up on that), there is something peaceful in coming home after so long. Nothing changes in this house: not the furniture, not the people, not the hate. My mornings are going to be filled with doing touristy things with the family, my afternoons over at the G-parents helping them with chores and stuff, and my nights will be spent with Bea. Oh, that sounds dirty. Well, maybe it will be.
My nephew (hereto known as Floppy) is here and getting to spend time with him is going to be great. Glowbug is like Floppy's shadow, he's so excited to have him around. Joan got herself a pool for the boys and after one day isn't driving me up a wall.
Meanwhile, back in WV: Beau and I are selling our house on the 16th and because the market is in such a shit-spiral, the buyer is being a pain in the ass about it: very nit-picky about everything and basically driving Beau up a wall. Lord and Lady are not being too helpful in dealing with his frustration and they're all at each other's throats. And it's only been two days since I've been gone. Heh.
More later, once a full day has passed.

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