Friday, June 12, 2009

Day Two

I'm finding that this trip was totally worth it. I don't have much time to explain things that went on today, but here is the summary:
  1. Went to the aquarium with Floppy, Glowbug, Joan, and the Periodic Table* (my sister/aunt)
  2. Went to see The Hangover with Bea and her bro - this was by far the BEST MOVIE I've seen this summer. Between this movie and Pineapple Express I'm all set.
  3. Had the first of many screaming fights with Joan over an incident in my childhood that she doesn't recall but I, as the rest of the world, do.
  4. I tried to take a nap, and because I'm a snorer (I admit it!) Floppy found it endlessly funny. I think he video taped me
Now I'm off to bed to snuggle up with a 75 lb. pit bull because Beau isn't here.

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