Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marry, Cliff, Shag -- Part Two

Well. This has been bracing, hasn't it? Since the comments on the last entry are still going and who reads comments on old entries (Um, besides me), I thought we'd have another round.

The lovely Sorcha hit us up with:

Challenge #1: The Three Musketeers (A. Dumas): Athos, Aramis and Porthos (We are ignoring D'Artagnan here b/c he's annoying to me) [Bea: Mame, didn't you have A Thing for this movie when we were teenagers?]

Challenge #2: Gilmore Girls Young Dudes Who Want In Rory's Knickers: Dean, Jess and Logan. (I feel a throw down coming on with Bea here!) [Bea: You're so right! Ugh, Jess.]

I took on Challenge #2 and answered thusly: Cliff: Oh, I'm gonna cliff the SHIT out of Logan. God, I HATED him. Arrogant, preppy, smug, rich little bastard. With stupid hair. HAAAAAAATE.

Shag: It's fine, I'd toss Jess a shag. You know, if he could find time for it in between brooding, whinging and reading fucking Kerouac.

Marry: Well, duh. Dean. You totally marry Dean. He's ADORABLE with those dimples. And have you SEEN that guy lately? Yeah. Good stuff.

Sorcha, my dear, I offer you this challege:

Challenge # 3: Geeky Men Of A Certain Age Who Fight Crime: Gil Grissom (C.S.I: Original Recipe), Jason Gideon (Criminal Miiiinds) and Keith Mars (Veronica Mars)

Challenge #4: For my dear EGT: Men of The West Wing: Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn and Charlie Young

Anyone else who wants to play, join in! It's a great time!


EGT said...

Logan! I loved Logan! I thought he was too good for Rory! (I had a lot of hatred for Rory in those later seasons. Whiney, spoiled brat...)

Ugh. Let's see if I can mess this one up as much as I messed the last one up.

Shag: Josh. I love him, but I don't think he's marriage material.
Cliff: Sam. I love him, too, but he apparently grows up to be a Republican who suddenly turns mean to his wife, so best not to get too attached.
Marry: Charlie. Because you just know that Charlie is going to make somebody the bestest husband someday.

Heroes: Matt, Mo, Peter.

Sorsha Ni said...

Challenge #1: The Three Musketeers (A. Dumas).
Marry: Porthos the Pirate. He’s funny, he’s interesting, he travels a lot and does not pay taxes. My kind of man!

Shag: Aramis. He’s the dirty priest in some movie forms which is hot. And his name sounds like something chocolaty smooth…yum!

Cliff: Athos. Too whiney. Too angry. Too grumpy. Too much work NOT to push him over. I need my beauty sleep!

Challenge #2: Gilmore Girls Young Dudes Who Want In Rory's Knickers.
Marry: Logan (I can hear Bea screaming from across state lines!). He’s pretty. He’s smart. He rich and he likes to travel spur of the moment. I would follow his pretty eyes across the US. Sure, he’s controlling and will eventually abuse you after a few kids, but then I would take him for his fortune and sleep with his best friend.

Shag: Jess. Oh yeah! (so funny that Bea went with this one!) Crack lip or not, he’s the hot brooder in black leather and misunderstood bad boy. On top of that he’s way smart. Sure, he annoys me, but it’s a shag for the love of Zues!

Cliff: Dean. I’m an elitist and only like smart men. Dean is cute but smart like a broken tractor. I would push him over with an apology.

Challenge # 3: Geeky Men Of A Certain Age Who Fight Crime: Gil Grissom (C.S.I: Original Recipe), Jason Gideon (Criminal Miiiinds) and Keith Mars (Veronica Mars)

Marry: Grissom. Seriously? He deserves so much better than that flat nosed, pug faced wench Sara. Yuck! He’s a fuzzy faced smarty and into bugs which is weird but hot in a strange way. I just want to cuddle during deep discussions about moths the rest of our lives.

Shag: Gideon. He was Indigo Montoya. I didn’t kill his father, so I should be safe. He’s not as hot as Grissom but I bet he could hold his own on a revolving bed.

Cliff: Keith Mars. Not attractive and didn’t watch the show too much. So, no loss to me.

Auntie Mame said...

Oh I did have a thing for the Charlie Sheen version of "Three Musketeers" (still do, actually). Did I ever tell you that Joan went to school at A. Dumas' house? It was turned into a school for English children in France. I digress:

Marry: Aramis - in EVERY movie version he's the hottest. Also he has a love/hate relationship with himself that I can both relate to and adore.
Cliff: Athos. I'm with Sorsha Ni on this, he's so whiney. Also, didn't his lover jump off a cliff?

Shag: Porthos. I think I'd catch somthing though. He amuses me, but he's such a flat character that I can't imagine there's much beneath the surface.

I have a challenge for YOU ALL:
Marry, cliff, shag:
Eric, Quinn, Alcide.

Dr. Fabulous said...

Totally agree with Sorsha. Dean is way too dumb to marry, and not nearly as hot as Jess for shagging. Jess would know what he was doing, you know he would. Dean wouldn't be able to get my bra undone. I'd marry Logan because he was smart, sweet, and rich. If he did get boring or was too frequently drunk, I could, as Sorsha said, just fly off somewhere and shag one of his friends (or Jess). Hey, if Rory can run away to Jess, so can I, only I'd do a helluva lot more than kiss him!

Sorsha Ni said...

Right on Dr. Fabulous! Dean is cliffed for lack of smartness and Logan can be dealt with by shagging Jess or another dude if he gets outta line. Good stiff... I mean stuff. :>)

Mame, so glad someone else loves that Disney version of the Three Muskateers (I had a crush on everyone in that movie, even Tim Curry). It was campy, but delightful and it's only one of two films I liked the actor playing Athos, even though he is still not shaggalicious.

"Lady" Bea said...

My belated response to EGT's Heroes Challenge:

Ok, first of all, this is very difficult as all three of these characters are dumber than a bag of hammers. EGT didn't dub them "The Trio of Stupid" for nothing, ok?

Marry: Peter. So I can cheat on him with his brother. HA.

Cliff: Matt. He's a mind-rapist and he annoys me. Plus, that face he makes when he's reading someone's mind BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. His character sucks and and they should kill him off so Greg Grunberg can get another role. He deserves better.

Shag: Mohinder. He is SO pretty. So dumb, but SO pretty. I'd say I wouldn't let him talk, but he also has a lovely voice, so I just wouldn't listen to the CONTENT of his stupid ramblings.

"Lady" Bea said...

Dr. Fabulous! I'm so glad you're playing. I LOVE THIS GAME.

And to answer Mame's challenge from the "True Blood" books: (If you haven't read them, PLEASE DO. They are DELIGHTFUL. And filthy.)

Marry: Alcide. He's a steady young man, I don't care if he turns into a wolf. Hot, too.

Cliff: Quinn. Too volatile. And his family is annoying

Shag: Eric. HELLO. HOT. But I wouldn't marry a vampire.