Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I have always had a soft spot for Valentine's Day. I think it's part of my ancestral, courtly love spirit. Maybe it's the fact that I look stunning in red. Whatever the case, I tend to really like V-Day. I've been very blessed to have had some very memorable Valentine's Days from both hot men and my very best girlfriends. This year was no exception; Beau did a fantastic job coming up with the perfect V-Day for me: namely blindfolding me and taking me to a locally-owned scrapbook store (my absolute favorite kind) and having me go on a spree. Then we went driving around for four (!) hours just the two of us, window shopping, and doing dumb, benign things that needed to get done. It was great though and just what we need - time alone!

Here's the thing though: I don't understand why people hate the V-Day. I just don't get it. I understand if you are alone then you don't want to be needlessly reminded that you are alone; however, some of the best Valentine's Days I've ever had were when I was single. My girlfriends and I would get together and do something, or one time I gave myself a day at a spa. I also don't think that Valentine's day is a "created" holiday, or is too "consumer based." Christmas is. Easter is. Valentine's Day? No. It's a day to celebrate the act of love. If you love someone you buy things for him or her. It's been that way since the first caveman dragged the carcass of a huge woolly mammoth to the hottest piece of tail in the tribe. You love someone, you show it.

If you are one of those people who go around spouting that Valentine's Day has become "commercialized," calm the fuck down - it's always been commercialized. Also, don't say that it's a day created by Hallmark. You're an idiot and need to read a damn history book (or at least wikipedia) Either way just enjoy the day with someone you love, or sit back and enjoy watching people show their love for one another. OR admit what you are really unhappy about and then get over it. February 14th has been a day since pagan times that people have shown others love. It's not about to change.


Dr. Fabulous said...

I agree! Last year, my first single V-tines since the mid-90's, was rather depressing. So this year I went to Columbus to have a girls' weekend with two very old & dear friends. We got all sexied up and went clubbing, did some shopping, and ate lots of delicious food. It was about loving myself and loving my friends. Could not have asked for a better weekend. Glad you got spoiled, too!

Volstaag said...

Your beau is so lucky. The last time I blindfolded a girl and took her out, all she did was cry and whine. Of course she didn't know me and I took her to an abandoned meat packing plant, sigh. I do agree that women look good in "red".