Sunday, February 22, 2009

If The Oscars Were Like That, I'd Watch!

Yaaaaaaay! It's Academy Award night! So, I didn't do too badly on my predictions last year. And it's lucky for me that I dug up that old post, because I almost gave this one the exact same title. I'm so original! But I'm very excited, I've seen several of the nominated films and I adore Hugh Jackman. At the very least, dude looks good in a tux. So if he sucks at hosting, there's eye candy! (But I don't think he'll suck. He's done a nice job with the Tonys and he's charming and funny. We will miss Jon Stewart, however!)

And on to my picks of who probably will will and who I think should win:

  • Actor in a Leading Role: I think that Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler both should and will win. It was a very strong performance and Hollywood loves those comeback stories. Sean Penn was great in Milk, but he's kind of annoying generally and I didn't see Benjamin Button or Frost/Nixon. Richard Jenkins was terrific in The Visitor, but it was a tiny little movie and his nomination will probably be considered honor enough. But he's deserved a starring role like that for awhile now, so good for him. Winner: Rourke
  • Actor in a Supporting Role: Heath Ledger should and probably will win for The Dark Knight. He's dead, the Academy loves that shit. But he absolutely deserves it. It was an amazing, vivid, terrifying performance. I was quite effusive in my praise for that movie. Brolin was pretty great in Milk and I enjoyed Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road, a movie I didn't especially enjoy otherwise. I didn't see Tropic Thunder, but there's no way Downey's getting the statue for a comedic performance. I could see Hoffman or Shannon taking it, but I'd be pretty surprised. Winner: Ledger
  • Actress in a Leading Role: I lovedlovedloved Rachel Getting Married and I would LOVE to see Anne Hathaway win because she's great but Kate Winslet will most likely win for The Reader. Which is unfortunate because it's nowhere near her best performance and wasn't that a great a movie. But she's awesome and will look pretty and give a good speech. (Why is everyone suddenly all pissy about her Golden Globes speech? It was fine!) And this will be the Academy making it up to her for not giving her the award other, more deserving, times. Whatever, that's not Winslet's fault. Didn't see The Changeling or Frozen River, though it would RULE if Melissa Leo won, because she's pretty awesome and I remember her from Homicide: Life on the Streets. I don't ever care about Meryl Streep or any of her movies, so I don't have an opinion on her chances. (I know, I know...travesty! I'm sure she's lovely, I just don't like her movies generally.) Winner: Winslet
  • Actress in a Supporting Role: Huh, ok, I only saw one of the nominated performances: Marisa Tomei's. And I thought she was excellent in The Wrestler. But the praise for Viola Davis in Doubt has been phenomenal. I bet she'll win. I hear Penelope Cruz was very good and I'm surprised that Amy Adams was nominated because I heard she WASN'T very good. I am not rooting for Taraji P. Henson because I hated Hustle & Flow SO much that I hold a grudge against everyone who was involved in it. Sorry. Winner: Davis
  • Best Director: Hmm. I actually have no idea. Probably Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire, which I didn't see. But I did love 28 Days Later and Trainspotting, so why not? Winner: Boyle
  • Best Picture: Again, I've only seen two of the nominated films, Milk and The Reader. The latter DOES NOT deserve to win. Absolutely not. Milk was excellent and I'd be pleased if it won. But I'm pretty sure that Slumdog Millionaire will win. Winner: Slumdog Millionaire
Hey, why wasn't The Wrestler nominated for Best Screenplay? That was a pretty great screenplay. Huh. Well, so we shall see! Red carpet starts at 6pm for prime celebrity mockery!


EGT said...

Thanks for making my Oscar night a blast!

Volstaag said...

I must say I have the same feelings about "Hustle & Flow". And I knew Ledger would be a shoo-in. "Slumdog" got so much hype and it had poor disadvantaged people in it (Liberals love that shit) it had to win. By and large the Oscars are a waste. It's all about politics and who sucks up to the academy the most. Now if they made as big a proguction out of the Golden Turkey awards, I'd watch that!

Sorsha Ni said...

I thought Ledger was a "for sure" for the oscar. He rocked in that part, but he also died. And you're right, the academy loves that gooey crap!And Jackman is hot no matter what he is parading around in on stage. Hubba hubba!