Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Review, Twilight…or, Calm Down Girls.

Since I’ve been teaching middle school this year, the girls have been going ape-shit over this Twilight series. As the weeks progressed I realized that my own, adult friends and sister were as well. I resist such things crazy fads normally - it took my cousin buying me the first Harry Potter book, and writing on the inside cover “read it for me!” before I would bother with it.
As Beau can attest, I spent the entire weekend with my head shoved into the books and was pleasantly surprised. I don’t like fantasy, vampire stuff usually, but this was a very sweet tale and pretty well written.

As a mother and teacher I liked that despite everything they waited until they were married before “doing it” (these books are for middle schoolers after all), and that the main characters both had really high moral characters. There was enough action to keep me interested and enough sweet, sticky, romance to turn my rather gruff, comedic exterior into mush. I would put my books down and cuddle up to Beau and he would laugh rather hard at me because this is not how I am. I suppose that means the books had an impact on me.


"Lady" Bea said...

I knew you would get sucked in! Hahahah. Will you be naming your second-born "Reneesme?" HAHAHA.

One of us.
One of us.
One of us.

Auntie Mame said...

No, maybe I'll name my next "Carlie"
Seriously, looking back the sap really did get to me.