Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here, Have A Look Inside My Brain...

Ok, in case you were all wondering, I procured my copy of Danielle Steel's The Ring from my local library. (I always feel like when talking about a Danielle Steel book, I MUST call it "Danielle Steel's [Whatever]." Like they do for her stupid tv movies on Lifetime. Heh.) You guys? It really sucks. I haven't even GOTTEN to the Nazi parts yet. Ugh. SHE IS THE WORST WRITER.

Also, some things that are (mostly) unrelated that have been going on around here:

  • I have been reading this blog. It's really good. Sure, I wish the writers could find the shift key, but that's just me being a bitch. They work as counselors at an abortion clinic and tell very matter-of-fact stories about the various women they meet. Why they are considering an abortion, how they feel about their choice. It's fascinating and very moving. Several of the entries had me in tears, especially this one. Also, this one. But do yourself a favor and skip reading the comments. They're full of anti-choice dickwads and really, who needs that?
  • You all need to go ahead and watch the video for Fall Out Boy's cover of "Beat It." I know, I know. But, seriously. It's RIDICULOUS and you will laugh for hours. It's a good cover and the video features cameos by Buster Bluth from Arrested Development, Turk from Scrubs and Hal Sparks. Also, there are ninjas and sumo wrestler and Pete Wentz gets smacked around. Can you beat that? Heh. No, no you can't. (Sadly, I tried to get the video for my iPod and it was not yet available. Damn you, iTunes!)
  • AND. Speaking of embarrassing bands, I'm going to see My Chemical Romance! In concert! I am SO excited! Stay tuned for a full report!
  • Mame and I have our summer reading schedule planned! I am going to read the Avonlea series and she is going to read the Little House books.

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