Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Ya'll....or how Mame is probably going to offend Beau in this post...

Happy Mother's Day! Even if you aren't a mother, I hope you had an enjoyable Sunday and remembered to call your mother or your mother-like friend. I had the best Mother's day ever. Granted, this is only my second Mother's day, but still it really trumped last year.
I love my husband, I really do. If there is anything you want, he'll get it for you - hands down. That being said, if left to his own devices, he isn't the best gift-giver. He's just a man that way. If I give him a list for my birthday or Christmas, he will buy everything on that list; however, if I say, "You know what I like, just get me anything." He will freeze up, and the male instinct will kick in and the rest is history.
So this year, I told Beau not to buy anything. I don't need a gift. Instead he and Glow Bug made me a breakfast and gave me cards (so cute, BTW), Agnes came over to babysit, and Beau and I had a day to ourselves. We went to see IRON MAN which was fantastic!! I love comic book movies. I'm so picky about my movies, and I don't like many of them, but I'll go and see a comic book movie in a heartbeat. Add to that the hottness which is Robert Downey, Jr. and I'm happy. Then Beau took me to get a pedicure and he waited in line to get a manicure (it didn't happen) and we spent the whole evening together as a family. It was such a great day.
I mean anyone can buy some flowers and have someone else make a cake, etc. but if you really know your mother or the mother of your children, don't buy anything. Seriously. This is how all Mother's days should be spent - doing exactly what will make the mother happy even if its not something you would like to do.

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