Wednesday, July 25, 2007

RELIEF!!!!....or why Bea and I might have a codependent relationship

The headache is finally gone. It's taken over seven days, but I finally have relief. Agnes suggested I go over to my chiropractor who readjusted my neck and suggested that I take a 20 minutes walk every night to help alleviate my stress (which, by the way, he thinks is the cause of the chronic headaches).
I go home to entertain Glow Bug for about an hour while rubbing my left eye to try and keep it from popping out of my head like that one episode of house. Beau comes come and takes over parental duties (isn't he terrific?), but Glow Bug has not had a nap and is all emo. I take a short nap then head downstairs to help Beau with dinner.
Flash forward to after dinner:
Beau puts Glow Bug to bed and asks if there is anything he can do to help with the headache. Well, all this kindness this makes me feel guilty, so I tell him about Dr. Smith's suggestion and suit up for my walk. By suit up I mean basically put my bra back on. See, I wear about three outfits every day. There are my work clothes (which I must admit are adorable because I know how to accessorize), but when I get home I immediately take my shoes and bra off, because Laverne and Shirley need a breather; this is followed by changing into a funny saying or graphic tee shirt with stretchy shorts (hey, chasing after a 19 month old require clothes that allow for movement). I usually remain barefoot and bra-less in this outfit until I go to bed at night then I change into my PJ's. Anyway, this wasn't what I was originally talking about.
OK, so I'm all 'suited up' for my walk, but since this is summer I refuse to wear sneakers (tennis shoes you weirdos from the west) so I am wearing my flip flops. Also, I cannot just walk around so I hook up my blue tooth, snap the cellphone to my elastic waist cotton shorts and call Bea as I walk around my neighborhood looking like a crazy person talking to herself.
Sure enough, I wake up today (at 5:30 thank you, Glow Bug) and I have no headache. I took this as a sign and switched from my usual 32 to 64 ounces of sweet tea every morning to brewing my own green tea sweetened with honey. I still get the caffeine I so desperately need to survive, but without the empty calories.
Who knows? I may actually loose some weight this time!
PS...weigh in day is tomorrow.

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"Lady" Bea said...

"Might" have a codependent relationship? Girl, please.