Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stupid Weekend, or Why I’ve had a headache for seven days.

As many of you may have noticed, it’s Tuesday and I haven’t written for four days. It’s been a long, long weekend. Starting with Glow Bug throwing up (literally) in my hands twice. Beau and I rushed him to the doctor where they tested him for strep throat because he had a red throat (duh, he just threw up for the first time) then decided that he had a stomach virus. Turns out he just had some bad macaroni and cheese leftovers and it needed to come out. Once it did he was back to his happy “Look what I can do!” self; unfortunately, by that time Beau and I were so exhausted and so drained ourselves that we couldn’t adore him as we normally do. We put him to bed early and passed out.
The next day (Sunday) Glow Bug was up at the butt crack of dawn because he went to bed so early…great. Sunday actually wasn’t too bad except for the fact that I had this headache that didn’t constitute taking my big time migraine medicine but had been going on for five days. I decided to take the big migraine medicine simply because I didn’t feel like having this sharp pain behind my left eye any longer. The headache went away, but the side effects of the good stuff are cold chills and clammy skin, so even though the headache was gone, I still felt like I had the flu. To make matters worse, stupid Bea and Beau and Dolly were all wrapped up in the new Harry Potter book and wouldn’t even give me the time of day. Stupid them.
Come Monday the headache came back and I was in front of my dahling students again. They weren’t too bad, but my attitude wasn’t taking them. Overall they are sweet kids, but playful and their playfulness and stupidity was getting on my nerves that day. I go home and Glow Bug has become so obsessed with Veggie Tales that I can’t even properly explain it to you. He’s 19 months old, yet he knows how to say Larry, Bob, and Veggie better than he knows how to say Momma and Daddy. I curl up with him and pop in the Veggie Tales sing-a-long and fall asleep. Well, my snoring freaks out Glow Bug, so he slaps my mouth whenever I start. ARGH. Beau finally gets home and takes Glow Bug out for dinner to cheer up my sister-in-law (Beau’s sister) Agnes. Bless her heart; she’s having a hard time in the love department. Bea and I are on stand by with the Jersey Crew to break legs as soon as she needs it.
Long story short (too late) I still have the headache; I just need someone to whine to and I’ve chosen my darling blog as my listener.

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