Thursday, January 25, 2007

12 Random Facts About ME (GOD. Egocentric much?)

I'm bored. Guess what that means, my babies? I'ma post something dumb to while away the time. God, I love the Internets. I like these "Random Facts" posts. But my facts are going to be kinda vague so as to maintain my super-secret identity. Here goes:
  1. I HATE when people play with my hair. HATE it. It makes me shudder.
  2. I've been a sci-fi geek ever since I was a little, tiny girl. I had a Dune coloring book as a kid. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me.
  3. I was/am a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. (see fact #2.) I have seasons 1,2,3,4 and 6 on dvd. Someday I'll get 5. But I will NEVERNEVERNEVER buy or watch again, season 7. Season 7 is dead to me. DEAD. Even if I were rich, I still wouldn't buy the super-duper, extra-chocolatey, all-seasons-in-one dvd box set. Because of season 7. I'm still THAT angry. (Probably that's not healthy.) I can hold a grudge, y'all. Oh wait...
  4. I can hold a grudge.
  5. I would like to get a tattoo. Of a monarch butterfly on my calf. I'm just trying to work up the courage.
  6. I have an old school Nintendo that still works. I can KICK YOUR ASS at Super Mario Brothers 1-3.
  7. But I'm almost incapable of playing PS2, X-Box or GameCube games. There's...too many options or something. I can go from right to left and jump up a few times, that's it. Being able to open doors, climb ladders or actually pick things up makes me nervous.
  8. I loathe (white, wheat or rye? Yeah, one person got that joke. And she knows who she is.) the novel Moby Dick. I had to read it for a lit class in college and hated every word of it. I brought an article to class that declared it "The Most-Overrated American Novel." Man, that was fun.
  9. I've met two semi-famous people while working retail.
  10. I've never smoked a cigarette or done illegal drugs.
  11. I'm a total night owl. I pretty much can't go to bed before midnight, unless I'm sick unto death. But I'm a raving bitch in the morning. Ask anyone. They'll tell you stories.
  12. This one's for Mame: The first time I read Flowers in the Attic, I was like, 10 years old and [SPOILER! Hee.] the Chris/Cathy incest went COMPLETELY over my head. I skipped it or repressed it or something. So, I heard someone talking about how gross that was and was all, "Whaaa?" So I reread it. And a little piece of my innocence died. Good times, that.

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Sister of Mame said...

OK Bea...I have read through the blogs of you and my close relative Mame. I MUST take a moment and let you know how I ADORED FITA the book. Of course, it has been YEARS since I have read it, however, reading this most interesting internet blog has me itching to go get it and give it a well over re-read. I also must say that the first time I read the said novel by VC Andrews, the incest went COMPLETELY over my head as well. I am soooo glad to know that I am not the only one!! Of course, on the 2nd or 3rd re-read, I got it.

It is very interesting that I am commenting on yours and Mame's obsession on FITA since just this past Wednesday, I was perusing my local Barnes and Noble and happened upon a table of book that had a sign over it reading "Banned Books". I, of course, stopped to check it out. Would you know that FITA was on it?!?! Of course!!! I wish that I could remember all that was also on the table 'cause it was enlightening. I know that How to Eat Fried Worms was on it...that was wierd. I must go see if I can find the list....