Sunday, February 4, 2007

Oh, Stuff It With Your Super and/or Bowl.

I hate football. I hate it bad. I hate all sports, really. And it's Superbowl Sunday. Ugh. I'm doing my very best to ignore it's existence. So, that's why I'm hiding in my room, watching first season Supernatural and Rome dvds that I got from Netflix. And later on, I'll be watching Masterpiece Theatre Presents: Ruby in the Smoke. I mean, come on! Masterpiece Theatre! Does it GET more antithesis than that?! Hee. And on a sidenote: HOLY SHIT! Supernatural is REALLY scary!! I've been resistant to it's charms up until now, but I think I like it. (It doesn't hurt that both the brothers Winchester are on the smokin' side of hot. Hey, I'm not blind!) And Rome is such a classy, trashy good time. I know, you ask yourself, "How can a show be both classy AND trashy?" Dude, it totally can. I mean, it's beautifully shot, really well-acted and they talk all semi-Shakespearean and shit, but DAMN. Romans were some fucked-up folks. They're all screwing each other (even blood relatives!), betraying, killing, torturing and coming up with hilariously convoluted insults. So, you football fans enjoy your gamey-thing. I've got mysteries and hot boys and togas. And even though I'm so not watching the game, I'm still eating all the "Superbowl Treats!" Heheheh.

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Mom said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the superbowl snacks-some evidence that you are my daughter