Tuesday, February 6, 2007

An Offer I Couldn't Refuse...

So, two of my closest friends, Sid and Andie (YES, I HAVE OTHER FRIENDS. GOD.) recently had their first child, an adorable baby boy, Mothra. Yes, we call him "Mothra." His mom, Andie, dubbed him that for his unearthy screech when angered and his habit of staring obsessively at lights. Yes, we plan to warp him for life. Don't worry, we'll put it on the Internets. So, anyway...I get a call from Sid a few weeks ago with Andie in the background (conversation may be slightly exagerrated for comic effect. But not much.):

Bea: Hello?

Sid: What's the best movie ever made?

B: Um, ok. Wow. Citizen Kane, definitely.

S: [stony silence] [beleaguered sigh] Ok, what's the SECOND best movie ever made?

B: Um...Casablanca?

S: [heaving ANOTHER giant sigh, clearly losing patience with my stupidity] OK, what's the THIRD best movie ever made?!

B: Gone With the Wind? Psycho? Star Wars?

[At this point, Andie is laughing hysterically in the background, Sid is getting increasingly frustrated and I'm frantically trying to remember all 100 movies on AFI's film list.]

B: To Kill a Mockingbird? Bridge on the River Kwai? The English Patient?

S: ...

B: Vertigo? The Unforg-

S: What's the best movie ever made with AL PACINO?

B: Oh, it's...

S: And if you SAY Scent of a Woman, I WILL. KILL. YOU.

B: Well, duh, it's The Godfather.

S: ...

B: Yeah? And?


B: [pause] Are you sure? Wow, of course!


B: You know that Citizen Kane IS generally considered the best movie ever made. Right?

S: Yeah, I know. Shut up.

Hee hee hee. I swear, that really happened. Awesomest thing ever. They are great friends and little Mothra is freakin' adorable and sure to battle Godzilla someday soon! (As soon as he can hold his head up!)

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