Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here!

Ah, a December Saturday evening...I'm tucked up in my warmest jimjams with a cup of tea and an English muffin preparing to do one of my favorite lame seasonal activities: watching Christmas episodes of television shows on DVD. And if you think I'm SUPER lame for doing this...well. Sustained, I guess. But I AM super lame and this blog generally documents my lamitudes and you find that delightful, DON'T YOU? Ahem.


I'm starting with My So-Called Life,"So-Called Angels." I'm about 30 seconds in and oh, Ricky. I started here because I've been listening to the Extra Hot Great podcast (And if you're not, you should be. And the Pop Culture Happy Hour. Seriously. They both bring me much glee at work. And really, who couldn't use more glee at work? You could. I know you could) and they were talking about MSCL and it made me remember how much I love that show. (Also, 10 minutes in and I remember how much I loathe Angela's sister Danielle. Shut UP, Danielle, GOD.)

So here's what I've got on deck (Literally, I have a pile of DVDs sitting next to me):
  • Gilmore Girls, "Forgiveness and Stuff," season 1, episode 10. Everyone is still mad at everyone after Rory and Dean stayed out all night after her first dance. The Richard goes to the hospital with chest pains and they get over it. Oh, season one Gilmore Girls. How much you did not suck! Remember when I you didn't want to slap Rory?
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Amends," season 3, episode 10. The one where The First Evil makes its, um, first appearance and tries to corrupt Angel. And Willow tries to seduce Oz in an adorable fashion. I know most people don't like this episode but it's full of angst delicious angst and I love it.
  • Joan of Arcadia, "The Uncertainty Principle," season 1 episode 11. This one fudging a little because it's not a terribly Christmasy episode but it revolves around the winter dance. God tells Joan to go to the dance with a troubled boy (Who played Andrew Schillinger on Oz and it weirded me out to see him here) and things get all dramatic. I always get the chills during the last five minutes of this episode.
  • Veronica Mars, "An Echolls Family Christmas," season 1, episode 10. Veronica is hired to find out who stole the winnings from a 09er poker game and Keith investigates a famous actor's stalking. There's a shanking. It's pretty awesome.
  • Doctor Who, "The Christmas Invasion," series 2, episode 1. God, I love this episode. David Tennant's first episode as the Tenth Doctor and he totally kicks ass. I got annoyed with Ten toward the end (SHUT UP WITH YOUR EMO MAN PAIN, FOR REAL!) but I adored him when he first started.
  • The West Wing, "In Excelsis Deo," season 1, episode 20 and "Noel," season 2, episode 10. The first is when a homeless veteran dies wearing a coat that Toby donated to Goodwill and Toby arranges a military funeral for him. The second is the one where Josh has PTSD and is my second favorite episode of TWW EVER (My first favorite, like everyone else ever, is "Two Cathedrals").
  • The Office, "Christmas Party, season 2, episode 16. Yaaaankee swap and Jim gets Pam a teapot. (I also hate Michael Scott.)
  • Scrubs, "My Own Personal Jesus," season 1, episode 11. The gang deliver a baby in a park. Dr. Cox is grinchy.
So...what's YOUR favorite Christmas episode? Something I didn't mention? Do you hate Danielle Chase as much as I do?


EGT said...

OMG, I hated Rory so much by the end of Gilmore Girls. Why did she get so annoying? WHYYYYYYYY?

I should have watched TCI this weekend! Fail! Also: nobody in the universe does Christmas episodes like Aaron Sorkin. He should write a Christmas movie! WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?

I am halfway through the stop-motion episode of "Community," and so far I think it is *brilliant.*

Dan Mac said...

"Jimjams" cracked me up.

So what I'm wondering is: are these all DVD seasons you already own, or have you been beg, borrow and dealing for weeks in preparation to gather up these specific episodes? Like meeting shady types by the back of a van saying things like "No, not Angel, I need Buffy Season 3 disc 4, the one with 'Amends'! No, I don't want... well, how much are you asking for Everwood?"

I still miss Veronica Mars so much. You know you can stream it on Netflix.

Bea said...

@EGT - I really liked the stop-motion "Community!" But wait until you watch "30 Rock." I thought I was going to DIE laughing.

@Dan - They are all shows I own on DVD. Heh. No back alley wheeling and dealing for Christmas episodes! (I have "Everwood" season 1. Hee.)

I own all three seasons of "Veronica Mars" on DVD but I don't watch them all that often because it makes me saaaaaaad that it's not on anymore. DAMN YOU, CW.

Sorsha Ni said...

I love many of the ones you chose already, so I will add to it.

The Tick Loves Santa- Ep 23 Season 2. Multiple Santa clones himself and to go on a smash & grab in downtown The City. The Tick can't hit or scold anyone dressed like santa. The other heroes of The City are pissed at him. AWESOME for so many reasons. SPOON!

TBBT-The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, Season 2. Penny gives Sheldon a used napkin from her work signed and snarked on by Leonard Nemoy (Dr. Spock) and Sheldon hugs her for the first time and showers her with girly gift baskets. BEST EPISODE!

TPPG-The Fight Before Christmas, which went straight to DVD in 2003. Great Ep. Princess MorBucks gets her name on the nice list and screws all the other kids in Townsville...which pisses off the girls and they have to kick her ass and save Christmas. Good Stuff.

That's all I got right now.

Dan Mac said...

Wow, a The Tick reference. High five!

Sorsha Ni said...

Dude. The Tick ruled. Well, still does in my book. That cartoon and comic book series ROCKED my funny bone. LOVE IT!